Are shered hosting secure?

by ArielT
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Hello, I wonder if there are potential risk in using a shared hosting for wordpress? or no problem? what do you think?
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    its depend on ur website... But shared hosting is quit bad for seo... Becas in shared hosting there will be a chance of porn websites in same network so it affects all website in that network..
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      Well shared hosting are not recommended , but the bottom line is they are less expensive then other options .. so if you are on a budget then you might not have an option to go for dedicated server ... with dedicated IP !!! so what you can do is .. a cheaper solution of shared hosting .... buy a $ 2/month dedicated IP with your shared hosting , so that your website has a unique IP .. and there are not other possible sketchy sites on your server.

      But if the websites are not that important then it doesn't hurt to keep them there. Also besides that bad neighbourhood thing , you can do some basic security configuration on your website to stop sql injection and bruteforce attacks so that will make your website a touch more secure ....

      - Syed
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    Some yes, some no. It really depends on how they jail accounts. What is used.
    The large "unlimited" hosts are actually pretty bad about security: Bluehost, Hostgator, etc.
    One of the best I've come across to date is Stablehost.

    Any server/host running LiteSpeed can't host porn. Against the license.
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    Thanks all for the responses, very appreciated
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    Use hostgator and you'll be free from all possible problems.
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      Hostgator is a best hosting site for shared hosting.
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    There is no risk if you use hosting services from
    There is SSD on their services which makes I\O faster and prices are competitive on their resourceful plans.
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      +1 for hostgator. One more I would recommend is kvc hosting. The supports fast, very imp in a shared scenario..
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    It's as safe as your own VPS, in some cases even safer (if you have to administrate your own server).

    The only real problem you'll encounter with shared hosting is that they may cut your website without any notice if your website is using too many resources and it affects the other customers.

    And that happens often when you have a lot of traffic. You must always take care of the site speed and implement caching mechanisms to prevent possible downtimes (and maybe backup your sites often).

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    Originally Posted by ArielT View Post

    Hello, I wonder if there are potential risk in using a shared hosting for wordpress? or no problem? what do you think?
    Risk is anywhere and all over the internet. I used shared hosting for 9 years. Not a problem or security risk.

    It doesn't matter you are on VPS/Shared hosting as long as hosting provider mantains software updates and maintains security.

    Server attacks are very common. All you have to do is do backups of your site atleast twice a week.

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    Get a VPS so you don't loose traffic. I use
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    You're NOT safer by having a VPS.
    If anything, you probably know less than a server admin of the shared servers.
    The issue is finding good admins.
    It all about the software in use on the server, and the settings.
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