Warrior Plus Question and Buying something from WF section

by Jensha
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Hi guys,

I recently bought a site here at WF.

It's my first time buying something here at WF.

Then when I paid for it, I was brought to Warrior Plus.

I thought I just clicked something but then I saw that the page I was directed to in Warrior Plus contains the details of the transaction I made at WF.

I know that I never made an account at Warrior Plus so I thought that was just one time.

Then when my buyer saw that I posted my transaction ID, he reminded me that I need to put the details of my order in my Warrior Plus account instead of both of us talking about it between our emails which I thought how it's supposed to be.

I thought it's the same with my Username and Password here in WF but it's not.

When I searched for it, other members are saying that it's a paid membership.

So now I'm confused.

For those of you who are buying things here in WF are you also being brought to the Warrior Plus section?

How can we add details of our order from there if we're not a member?
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