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I have read this all over the place. And I am not sure if it is talking about your buyers list or regular opt-in list.

Not knowing for sure I would guess you solo ad and JV your way to a bigger list. And as you go you pull your buyers out and keep them on a second list? So you can make sure to treat your buyers well. And still test things on your opt-ins.

If this is the case were does the $1 a month per person come in?

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    Originally Posted by Mr Gone View Post

    If this is the case were does the $1 a month per person come in?
    It doesn't. That is a made up number that bears no relation to reality for most email marketers.

    If you have a good list and can communicate with it effectively, you should get way more.

    This thread has more to say on the matter: http://www.warriorforum.com/main-int...varge-low.html

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    There is no such thing that you can determine how much will you make off your list. It depends on a lot of factors. You could easily make $1/ person however you could also make $10-$20/person.

    If you keep a good relationship with your list and don't spam them, yet provide valuable content, you will receive higher payments.
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    There are far too many variables to consider here, however - One of the biggest factors is actually the niche that you're in and off course the relationship that you have with your list.

    New subscribers are probably going to be a lot more responsive to some offers whilst a buyer will often buy from you again - so long as the quality of your products has been good in the past.

    The "churn and burn" process will most likely give you initial good figures but quickly fade as you burn your list out with too many offers :-(

    The $1 per subscriber I believe is a target - In truth you can earn more or less than this from your list based on your ability to tweak, test and change your strategies as you go along.

    So in short a larger list treated well should generate you a good income online - Build that list buddy and give them quality stuff that they want :-)
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    To answer the question the "$1 per person" means an average amount of money earnt per month from every person in your opt list. As both the gents above have already stated this $1 per month figure is just something someone made up because it sounds good.
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    Originally Posted by Mr Gone View Post

    were does the $1 a month per person come in?
    The much touted $1 per subscriber per month is a number
    that has been pulled from some gurus' ass and that figure
    has spread widely over the years.

    People want to believe it.

    The sad reality is that most list builders never get anywhere
    near the $1 per month per subscriber figure.

    To get $1 per subscriber per month (or more) consistently,
    you need to be skilled at e-mail marketing and have a well
    developed sales funnel with products and services at a wide
    range of price points.

    Most people don't have these building blocks in place and
    that's why they struggle to get anywhere near the $1 per
    subscriber per month figure - year in year out.

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      The first time I heard that figure mentioned, it was used as one of those "keep the arithmetic easy" examples for calculating how much one could allocate for PPC advertising.

      Over time, it's been repeated to the point where we get people asking things like "I have 12,000 people on my list - why am I not making $12K per month?"

      To finish the example I mentioned...

      If you average $1/subscriber/month AND your average subscriber stays on your list for 6 months, your average income per subscriber is $6. So you can spend up to $6 per subscriber in advertising.
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