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Hey guys

I could use some help.

I have heard more than once that money on the Internet loves speed.

We are to create a product and get it up on line quickly.

I have the hardest time doing that. Products are the easy part.

Getting a sales letter/squeeze page, video, get the product uploaded, get the pay page ready, etc.

This seems to take me days or longer after the product is finished before I can get this thing online if I don't get frustrated first.

I need some advice on what I need to do to fix this.

Maybe there is a product that will help?

What do you guys think?


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    Products won't make you more productive - doing stuff will.

    Prioritise the top two things to do each day, write them down. When you get up, do those two things, before checking email, forums or anything.

    Such a simple thing. Try it for a week.
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  • I suggest focusing on making your current products as good as you can . If you are going to keep cranking out products, and those products are making you money, then hire a good internal staff and your turn around time is much more manageable
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    I used to have this same problem. I'll tell you what worked for me.

    Have systems in place so that once you do it one time correctly, you know exactly what to do every time.

    Next time you do all the steps, take note of what actually works, create SOP (standard operating procedure) documents for your business, so that next time, you know exactly what to do without the fumbling about.

    E.g. If you find a formula for copywriting that works for you:

    Introduce product
    Negatives of not buying
    Future Cast

    Then type it up into a document, so that when you next have to write a salesletter it won't take so long.

    You can do this for all the challenges you mentioned. As for setting up payment pages, you can definitely look at different options here as it shouldn't take long to create a payment button.

    For speed, try JVZoo or Paypal. They shouldn't take longer than 10 minutes from start to finish!

    For creating squeeze pages, use OptimizePress. Hundreds have tried to better it, but I still use it and it STILL converts like crazy and makes your optin forms look nicer than any other theme without messing with code.

    NOTE: This was typed in a massive hurry. I hope this helps and sorry for any grammar errors. Hope you get the point.

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