Best Lighting Kit For Videos?

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Hi everyone,

I am doing some videos and am not satisfied with the current light output. Currently, I use a setup of 110 watt fluorescent bulbs for the key and fill light and a 45 watt for the backlight. This isn't enough light for my needs.

Here, is what I am looking for:
1. Greater light output but want to stick with fluorescent bulbs because they don't give as much heat as other light sources.
2. I want to use softboxes to help take out the hard shadows.
3. The lightining kit needs to be durable and can easily break down, moved and be put back together.
4. I am looking to spend $500 to $1,000 here.
5. I also do some food photography so if the softbox lights could be used for that purpose it would be ideal.

What recommendations do you guys have who make videos?
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