How to know what other sites my audience visit?

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Hi warriors,

I remember having seen a site where you can enter a URL and it tells you what other sites related to that one people go to.

I don´t know if I clear enough...

I know it is there cause I ve seen it. I thought it was but I don´t seem to find it.

Help appreciated.

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    Here you go.

    I personally use both these sites to find sites/competitors in my niche.

    Analyzing a competitor is a very important step when it comes to creating a website and strategies to promote your website.
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    Thanks HarrieB
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    On a similar note, there's an easy way to find pages on Facebook that are related to your audience's interests. I know you asked for websites and not FB pages, but hopefully this will give you even more info about your audience and other content producers/marketers in your niche.

    Go to a page that you know your audience has liked. Then, in the right column, there should be a block not too far down the page labeled 'likes'. These are the pages the admin has liked and should mostly be in line with the niche you're researching. Click "see all" for the full list.
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    Great tip Michael!

    That´s definitely useful.

    Any other tips guys?
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    You may try this site Sites Like - Find and share similar websites don't know if this is the type of what you're looking for.
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    Thanks MarcuJohnson the more the merrier.
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      Here's an obvious one. Look at your referrer logs. By definition, that was the last site your visitor was on before coming to your site.

      You could also plug the referring urls into some of the other resources mentioned, I suppose...
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    JohnMcCabe, yes, obvious one, but I haven´t thought of that one, thanks!
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