Is this true? (re: mobile hot spot device)...

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I read that, if you use a mobile "hot spot" (personal wifi) device, every time you power it on and power it off, you get a DIFFERENT IP address.

Is that right?

I'm thinking of buying a T-Mobile hot spot device (pre-paid, no contract version), so I want to make sure it WILL accomplish what I described.

Yes? No?

-- TW
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    Usually, yes.

    The device is handed an IP dynamically when it connects, so shutting it off and then reconnecting will cause the device to request a new dynamic IP from the ISP.

    That does not mean that the new IP will be different than the old IP.

    That depends on they way they have set the system to manage IPs.

    Systems can be set to always assign the same IP to a device if possible. In that case you would only get a different IP if your last one is not available.

    Also, those IPs would only be from the (large) block assigned to your ISP.
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    Just knew that. I have my own mobile device, actually that's really a good thing about it. As I want to have different IPs.
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    Yes, it's true.

    Every time I turn on my hotspot I do get a new IP address. However one number is never that far from the last. Maybe just the last two or three (don't remember exactly) numbers being different.

    George Wright
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    You will have different IP Addresses. However, they are on the same "block" or something, and they will be traced to your Internet Service Provider who can disclose your identity if you want to make stupid things online. You can check on Ip address lookup. Find IP address exact location. that whenever you lookup a different IP Address assigned in the same network, you will get the same results.

    If you just want to use it to build a lot of forum accounts or something simmilar, the owner can ban you the entire C block, for example if he notices that a lot of new users coming from these IP Addresses:

    He will ban the entire block: 123.123.123.*
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    OK, I just did a little experiment and found it was the last four numbers that changed. I restarted my smart phone and from my lap top, which is online via the hotspot of my cell phone I found the last four numbers changed.

    changed to (* represent the changes)**.**

    George Wright
    "The first chapter sells the book; the last chapter sells the next book." Mickey Spillane
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      Even assuming the last two octets changed, that could be from 2 to 6 digits. Also, some mobile systems are likely to have "disconnected" chunks of IP space, which could mean the whole thing changes.

      It's going to get weirder when IPv6 is more widely used. You could end up with a whole block assigned to your device, and have different IPs for each app, and one for the device itself. Who knows what they'll do with that kind of address space?

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    The reason I want to know is, if "SOMEONE" (not ME y'understand!) were to use that capability to post on craigslist using different accounts.

    Would the changing IP's (using hot spot) accomplish the level of changing, to sufficienty confound CL?

    Please advise.


    -- TW
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      Why don't you have someone, not you of course, test it and see?

      I'm thinking that this is not Craigslist first day on the Internet. I'll also bet that they have heard of dynamically allocated IP addresses before.

      Joe Mobley


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  • Hi, We do advertisement on CL for our website and to sell rebuilt car computers and high performance reflashes and we use s USB mobile hotspot and a different user account in the PC for each CL profile to post under the largest metropolitan areas. The process takes time but CL but you can reach tens of thousands of people without having to spend a penny on google ads. There are some applications that do it automatically for you but to we had no luck with the first 2 we tried after it got our accounts ghosted....yes ghosted, the ad will look like it was posted under your account but it will never show if you searched CL. Hope this helps, CL is a great place to do business but it's also a place were its easy ti get robed
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    Maybe, maybe not.
    To be on the safe side, you should also don a wig and fake mustache.

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