Help needed -Powerpoint - if this was boxing the ref would jump in and save me

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Oh dear

Easter Monday sliding by and not an ounce of progress.
I sent a PowerPoint presentation with some audio to an outsourcer
for some visual improvement - now I have it back I would like to re-record the audio.

I am unable to - I have tried for last three hours to remove the audio so that I can re-record audio without success. I have read all the support materials available without success.

I want audio removed but can't do it I have tried clicking the icon on each slide but all that comes up is a slider graphic.

Cannot believe that I cannot just record over old audio - but when I try it plays back both old and new audio tracks. Completely flummoxed.

If someone has any idea as to if this is doable and how I would be very grateful - if so, you might want to couch your reply as if addressing a slobbering mental wreck who needs key by key instructions.

Yep that bad!
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