How important is your face?

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When you are building relationships with your customers either via list building or product creation for example, how important is showing the customer what you look like to your success? Do you put your face to your product / service? Any tests on this?
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    When I read the title to this thread, I was like, I must admit, my face is pretty important

    Seriously though, do you need to put a face to something? I would say yes, it does go along way to helping you trust an individual if they are putting a face on the product. Does it need to be your face? I would say no, many companies have a "face" of the company but the guys actually running it will remain in the dark and most probably you will never know who they are.
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    I have split tested this many times, and in most cases it has raised conversions considerably.
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    Originally Posted by tommocharlie View Post

    how important is showing the customer what you look like to your success?
    I've never done split-tests with versions of the same site showing/not showing myself, so I don't know for sure.

    I've always imagined that it's helpful, though. I may be "projecting", to some extent, because as a visitor I like to see a picture of the site-owner, on websites. It's certainly not easy to envisage any great downside, is it?

    Originally Posted by tommocharlie View Post

    Do you put your face to your product / service?
    Yes and no ...

    I use cartoons/silhouettes/drawings of myself (mostly made for me from original photos of my own, by graphic artists on Fiverr), so that I can have a picture on the site/profile/whatever but without being recognizable and without people thinking I look "too young" to have any credibility.

    I would say "It works for me", but I've never split-tested it in any way, so I suppose I don't really know.
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      Originally Posted by Alexa Smith View Post

      without being recognizable and without people thinking I look "too young" to have any credibility.
      I feel your pain, Alexa
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    Thanks for the replies so far. It is something that has been on my mind lately... curious whether a photo will do more harm than good. It's funny how we all as individuals have preconceived ideas of what people should look like and I'm sure the difference between the preconceived image and reality may actually set a person back a bit. Similiar thought process to what Alexa has pointed out.
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    A good choice is to design an avataar and put it on for everyone to see.

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    When I see a picture of a person on a blog, as strange as it may sound, I stop and look at it for a moment as I really like to know who is behind the blog I am reading. Then when I comment on the blog, it make me feel that I am talking to that person. (I have a pic of myself on my about pages)

    I remember Jason Fladlien always stresses to place a picture of yourself on your site and your sales pages. Not only you are branding yourself but the sales pages and your site is more personal.

    People want to know who they are dealing with. I always feel leery about people who hide behind some avatars as if they had something to hide.
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    We are such a visually oriented culture, I think displaying your face is important. Think about actors and all of Hollywood. They become famous almost entirely because we SEE their faces so often. Viewers come to feel they KNOW them, even though they've never met.

    It also contributes to 'branding' in the niche(s) you're selling in.
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      My question is why hide our face, which is only one-piece in the world? Just forget humor in this line, but it is very important to use your photograph so that your reader gets related with you. Why any one will buy from stranger? It is also very important to build your image as a internet marketer.

      - Pradeep
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    It is basically for credibility and trust. No other reason.
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    My experience has been that unless your are in a business where you are expected to be fit/beautiful/handsome,etc., then it just serves to establish a bit of trust on some level. For some reason we trust you more if you show a pic that doesn't look like a stock photo, even if you don't photograph well. In my case I am 70 and I am in the process of making youtube videos and man I look 70, but I my case I am selling my experience and as bad as I look, it screams "this guy has been there". Honestly I shudder when I see myself, and yes I get my share of "get off the internet old man" comments, but it is still the best option for me. OK, hope this helps, Ed.
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  • For me it is not SUPER important, but I show my ugly face anyway :-p

    Mainly because, I feel like it adds a lot more credibility and trust.. Also because personally I know I would trust a "face" more than a fake "avatar", but again I don't think it is super important for me.
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  • look at realtors they put a face that is all they advertise like give me your house for 6 months because I'm pretty. I guess ugly realtors can't do their job well or something.

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    It's very important. If you walked into a shop and the shopkeeper was wearing a balaclava, would you trust them the same?

    Sales is all about trust. The more you give of yourself the more people are going to feel like they know you and trust you.
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    The biggest key is to be yourself. I dress casually in my video presentations and do not talk too professional, but just being my plain old self. Doing this people give a lot more respect to how personal I am in the video.
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    I agree that your face is very important. People feel better when they can see you.

    However, your face can be problematic if you don’t inspire confidence.

    If you don’t seem to be a self-confident and intelligent person, a personified avatar can be better.

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    I dont think face matters. People only want information and good advice. If you can consistently provide this to them... they will want to get to know you... no matter how you look.
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    It's well documented that good-looking people are considered more trustworthy, generous, etc... than their counterparts. Just upload the best picture of yourself. Make sure that your picture gives the message for what you're trying to sell/teach. People also identify with others who look like themselves. This is actually a pretty interesting and broad topic that requires a lot of testing.

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    It depends on how you structure your business now don't it. Someone mentioned the business opportunity niche you dont even need a relationship with your customers. All they want is you to blast them the business opportunity offer you have catalogued in your email.

    You have to be clever when training your list. I would think creative copywriting comes into play,(along with the kinds of websites you're sending to your list). An e-commerce type of site may be an easier sell than the normal blog sites that many use to sell information. USP

    Anyway, I am getting long winded. I digress.
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    If you are running a company solo than I must say your face have a value but if its a group of a company than products which is only going with you have your face value on it so that if you change name or anything people must know your are the same person who is providing them quality.
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    I plan on doing it for my future products, but I don't want certain people to notice me yet..

    Maybe when I'm a billionaire, I'll consider.
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    I think it will make the customer trust you better. It gives a connection.
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    I think it's important for building a brand. It's hard for anyone to copy your brand is this way, especially if you're as beautiful as me!

    Seriously though, it gives people the ability to recognize you when you do subsequent projects, regardless of opt-in rates, I think it is important.

    And on that basis it wouldn't have to actually be a picture of you either... Although that would be a bit dumb if you wanted to go out in public, and be recognized for the legend that you are...

    Martin Platt

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    Originally Posted by tommocharlie View Post

    When you are building relationships with your customers either via list building or product creation for example, how important is showing the customer what you look like to your success? Do you put your face to your product / service? Any tests on this?
    Sharing your face in a video for example will most likely increase trust, with your buyer for example.
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    It is definitely important for people to see you, but as others have stated it doesn’t have to be a photo of your actual face. You can either have an avatar created or have your favorite photo of yourself edited anyway you like— is a great place to outsource that kind of work.
    The point is not just to see you but for people to get a little idea of your personality. A photo just adds to the picture of you already being painted through your words. Either way don’t stress too much, and don’t be overly critical of yourself. If your product is good and your methods bring results, it doesn’t matter what you look like, people are going to love you! People connect with other people, adding your photo is only going to up your CR.
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    Yes if you are trying to make money online, your credibility is the most important factor. Use your real picture. People in every industry only buy from people that they know, like and trust.
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    I don't know exactly how important it is but I do like to see at least one picture of the person the website or product belongs to - it adds a personal touch.
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    Frank Kern wouldn't have been as successful as he was with his launches without his "face" Yes you need it. People buy from people. It's a personal brand.
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    It's not essential, but it will help
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    Not sure how much it will help but it is used to add credibility. And for some to show off what they have so that it can attract the customers or give a warm impression.

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    Jackson Tan
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    One think to keep in mind, if you are ever thinking about selling your business, you might want to go with a generic face/character that you can sell with the business.

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    I will always put my face on my sites and also on the forums I attend.I feel it build trust and people get to know you a little better and this seems to help with building up your reputation.

    overall people don't care to much how you look but people do tend to trust people they know,have met or feel like they have and a personal pic can help with this in a big way.
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    I will always put my face on my sites and also on the forums I attend.I feel it build trust and people get to know you a little better and this seems to help with building up your reputation.
    Couldn't agree more! At least in our field (working online) it actually makes much sense because that's the least thing you could to bridge the gap. And face it (pun not intended!), it's a lot better than seeing some idiotic avatar dancing around!
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    I had a similar question which I raised in another forum -- relating specifically to personal branding, putting your real name out there.

    I think its cool, but I am a bit worried that people will associate me with doing stuff that might be seen as "blackhat", I think the best way around this is -- yes, do the personal branding, but anything you don't want to be seen as part of your personal brand/business put on another site or business and split the risk
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    Putting your face in front of your audience is one of the most important things you can do. It immediately reduces stress and fear, unless you're really creepy ;0.

    Think about the top bloggers in the industry, what makes them so likable.

    1. They have their face everywhere.
    2. They are transparent with their work.
    3. They are engaged.

    (That's just a few of the many things they do to help their popularity), but yes, getting your face in front of your audience can be very rewarding!
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    The truth is that in some cases it doesn't matter and in some cases it does. It depends on the service you are offering or the type of product.

    Case in point, I have NO idea what anyone at amazon looks like. Not the founder or any of the staff.. they did not put their "face" to their product or in their list.. but I have a good relationship with them. The relationship was built from exceptional service and the deal/special grabbed my original attention.

    Again, I have no idea who created Wordpress. I have been using it forever however and will preach to its greatness like a pastor in sunday service.

    I receive and read emails and newsletters from these companies as well as a bunch of other companies that I have no idea what the owners look like. The "Face" I am interested in is not the face of the owner/creator of the company but the actual "Face" of the company itself. Thats the face you should focus on putting to your product. Are there positive reviews on the internet, do the creators have a company website, are they utilizing social media marketing so i can see what people are saying, can i get in touch with them easily?

    If its an affiliate marketer it really doesn't matter what they look like to me, its the sales letter and that squeeze page content that will grab my attention. I'm just going to head on over to the affiliate page after.

    If you are into any form of coaching I would say hell yes. I want to see who my coach is.

    If you are into blogging then again hell yes.

    Ecommerce store as your product? I'd prefer a deal and company information than a face. Proof? Did you see the owner of newegg before you made a purchase? Tigerdirect? Walmart? Bestbuy? amazon?

    Physical product? people would prefer a company to one person in this event.

    Software, again company image over personal photo.

    just my $0.02
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      Every person running a business should pull out all the stops and take advantage of every asset that have at their disposal.

      There is no reason why showing your own face would ever stand as a disadvantage unless there was an element of the photograph which contridicted the message. Otherwise it serves to your complete advantage without question. It's a part of the branding process to establish, grow and strengthen.

      However with that said, there are no "alarm bells" as such when a person is without a photograph. I'd just feel a lot more confident purchasing from someone who doesn't mind showing who they are behind the great walls of the Internet.

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    I put my face on all my sites. Even if it is a "great face for radio". Just gives people the sense that you are a real person.
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    As they say - it's good to put a face to a name. I feel more of a connection to the person/company when their is a pic. But, of course, as some have said it may depend upon where and what the pic is for. These days of everything social and everything put on the internet stays on the internet we do need to be careful where and what pic is posted.
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    we like it or not, people are full of prejudices. Many of them would rather choose a product with a face on it, especially if the face is quite pretty, if you know what I mean. However, I think face should not be the main aspect on a product, but the features should recommend it instead, as well as what previous users think of it.
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