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Can I use a pen name for 2 niches and my real name for my main niche? If so how to do that using PayPal ? Can I have 2 accounts both linked to my one bank bank account one with pen name and the other with real name? Can this be legally done? Thanks.
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    If you want to sell, using PayPal, without your own name showing to your customers at any stage, you'll need a business account for that purpose. (They'll allow you to have both a personal and a business account.)
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    I recently asked PayPal some questions and received the following information that may be of assistance. Though they say it is against their user agreement to have more than one personal and business or premier account, their customer service team actually advised me that it was okay to maintain my personal account (already promoted to premier) and set up a business account, so long as it was a separate bank account, credit card, and email address.

    You can use different email addresses associated with your accounts, but only one name for each account, as far as I can tell. So in your case, it would probably be best to have a business account and a personal account linked to separate bank accounts.

    They also provided information below for less complicated situations:
    What types of accounts does PayPal offer?

    We offer three kinds of accounts: Personal, Premier, and Business. You can have both a Personal account and a Business or Premier account; however, it is against our User Agreement to have more than one Personal account or more than one Business or Premier account. If you do have two account types, you must have a different email address, bank account and credit card for each account.

    How do I change my PayPal account type?

    You can downgrade your account from a Business or Premier account to a Personal account once.

    Here's how to request a downgrade of your account:
    Log in to your PayPal account.
    Click Contact Us at the bottom of any page.
    Click Email us.
    Choose My Account.
    Select Changing Account Type and then select Downgrade my account.
    Enter the reason you want to downgrade your account and click Submit.
    We'll email you within 72 hours to confirm that your account has been downgraded.

    Here's how to upgrade from a Personal account to a Premier or Business account:
    Log in to your PayPal account.
    Click Upgrade under your name near the top of the page.
    Click Upgrade Now.
    Select Business account or Premier account.
    Click Continue.
    For a Business account, enter your business information and click Submit.
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    Torrent and Alexa, thank you both, it helps.
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