Niche Sites and Social Media Marketing?

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Hey Warriors!

I am starting to explore Niche sites a little lately and I am wondering if Social Media promotion is a viable solution. I know the answer will clearly depend on the niche itself. I am targeting traditions in general, the site is zooming on certain areas, and then zooming in again, allowing me to target long tail keywords.

The site is covering areas of traditions such as Food, Music, Clothing.... I am just a little hesitant on whether social media marketing is going to benefit me.

Excuse my ignorance here, maybe I am having a dumb moment.

What are your thoughts?

Thanking you in advance,

Joe Crosbie,
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    Felt the need to bump this, haha! It was slipping down tha pages very quickly and no one has replied yet!

    C'mon Warriors! I know one of you must be able to share your 2 cents on this
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    Social media marketing can push ALOT of traffic your way in a very short period of time. If you are doing food and clothes I have tried Pinterest out a bit and seem to be getting ok results from there (Nothing massive). Recipes get re-pinned a lot, same as retweeted and liked on Facebook. Social media traffic is only good when the contents being shared is of viral nature, what I mean by that is, something that someone else would like. Eg., funny videos, nice clothes (I see shoes all day long down my bloody feed!!) etc...
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