how to create an instructional video

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can someone point me to the right tools for creating an instructional video?
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    I use camtasia to create screen capture video and just talk people through whatever it is that you are teaching.

    You can also just create a power point presentation as well.

    Remember if Camtasia is a little too expensive then try camstudio.

    Hope this helps
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      hi you could use camtasia you could also use jing to do screencast you have to keep them under 5 minutes but jing is free and super easy to use .if you want o go pro full HD i would recomend the newish easyvideosuite it its just under $300 but its pretty cool great for video marketing it does everything powerpoint has heaps of good music backings ,
      basically write a script do a screen cast recording of it
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        You can even go better,the new advertising style is video scribing.

        not cheap but earn thousands with correct niche.......
        Sparkol: VideoScribe - Whiteboard Drawing Animation made easy

        i am studying it know as we speak fantastic program above but not cheap, everything else i have done all been mention above.

        but video scribing will become the norm i personalty think so.

        regards john
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    Camtasia is expensive, so I go for FREE programs like cam studio pro. It is less quality than camtasia, but will get the job done.
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    Shouldn't you all ask back and clarify what the OP meant by "instructional video"?

    How do you, guys, know the OP wanted to record what is on the screen?
    I have seen 'instructional videos' showing me how to use a certain power tool when doing DIY projects around the house... In such a case you can screw all your theories about camtasia

    In other words: never assume! Ask questions and clarify what the OP/client/customer/buyer needs... Then offer the solution. Not before.

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    Check free solution and use slide for free presentation creation. best solution to get started right away. is great to make presentations that pop and camtasia will be essential when you have enough capital!
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    I would also recommend getting a half decent microphone.

    It doesn't have to be expensive and the difference to the quality of the video is worth the investment. Nobody likes to watch a video with terrible sound.
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    Originally Posted by awebforyou View Post

    can someone point me to the right tools for creating an instructional video?
    What kind of instruction are you talking about? Need more details before we can help you.
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      I create a ton of video content and, when creating an instructional video, you can put a powerpoint presentation together and then present it using a screen capture video tool like (free with a small fee for removing the watermark)

      Even things that you might think should be captured in live-action video can often be done with photos and powerpoint slides.

      Of course there are some topics that are best presented using live video, in which case partnering with a good video person would be best.

      I make several $1000s a month (passive income) on Udemy and here's how YOU can, too...

      Get your FREE UDEMY MINI-COURSE here:

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    What are you trying to teach?
    Can it be done with a standard camcorder?
    I have a lot of instructional videos on YouTube that have around 40,000 views each and I used Camtasia and PowerPoint for most of them.
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    Here is a free option idea. Use your iPhone or any other smartphone or camcoder ... even an old digital camera would work. Just make sure to put it on a tripod or same stable thing so it will stand still when recording your computer screen. Don't forget to have a good, even lighting. Then hit the record button (use HD quality) and create your instructional video.

    PS: Don't worry if your video looks a little "ghetto", if you're not really teaching quality video production, then it will usualy perform even better since your target market probably doesn't care about the perfect video but usable expert and problem-solving/niche-specific information/demonstration. Hope you can use something from my "clever" idea :-) Anyway, if you have any questions regarding this, I'll be happy to help...
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    IClone and Camtasia are perfect tools.

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