Clarifying thinking with a quick matrix

by zardon
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There is a lot of useful content on WF, but it can be quite hard for newbies or focusing on something, or even where to start or where things fit.

I have drawn up a Matrix, of my thinking based off the stuff I've read on WF, but its a work-in-progress and based off if there was 1 person (solo business) rather than a team.

It might be cool to mix this up with ideas for niches/products you want to do and use a Ben Franklin close (Reasons for/Reasons against).

I'm just using this to clarify thinking by putting stuff on paper, using post-it-notes and moving ideas around.

the image isnt very good quality, sorry about this
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    That matrix looks good.

    I use something similar. But, instead of labeling things long term, short term etc. There is a manner in which you can keep track of that without labeling it. My organizational method do use a sheet just like this, but I don't have to label each box to what goes where. I believe it comes with experience to you as well.
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