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by Divian
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Hey Warriors,

I wanted to ask, as I don't seem to be able to find a thread that discusses this in detail, what is your experience with using optin's that are email only Vs Email and name?

You see without name you can't customise emails however I can see how NOT collecting the same is more likely to increase optin.

What is your experince? What would you suggest?
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    You have to test this in relation to your own business to know what will essentially be best...

    This has been debated many times.

    For me, I don't ask for the first name as I don't use it in my emails.

    I don't use a greeting, I just start right into the body of the email.

    I tested it for several months in my own business and determined that was the best fit for me and my business, but you might find different results.

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    This has been discussed here on the forum a few times and each time you get a 50/50 split on what is best.

    I have not tested this myself, but, I do not ask for name. I start me emails with "Hello" or "Good Day"


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    It depends on the demand for the niche and the targeted audience. If you have a vague audience, than go for just an email submit, if it is more targeted, email, name, and maybe a little more.
    Say if you send very targeted traffic that needs a remodel job done on their house. This type of targeted audience is more than willing to fill in a long optin form in order to get the service that they need.
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      I can tell you what works for me (email only) but that means nothing to you.

      You need to test it yourself, there are too many variables to give a definite answer.
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    It depends on your business, niche and audience, you have to test this for yourself in order to see which works best and obviously gives the most optins....

    All the best
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