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Hi all

Did not know where to turn for this info so figured someone here should know...
I am launching a product which I will sell on my site via Paypal.

I would like to offer this product to my subscribers for free. What I need to do is have a coupon code for the full price of the product so it will essentially be a nil balance on checkout.

I am sure there are workarounds as Paypal said they cannot do it unless there is an exchange of money and have referred me to . I have been told that it is possible to do it there but frankly I am lost.

I need to do it through a coupon as it is an essential piece of my marketing puzzle. Without giving to much away, my entire social campaign is based around this annoying detail.

Any help would be massively appreciated.
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    while creating the Buy Now Button from Paypal , you will get the option to create a coupon.
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    Thanks Kaydesmo, I know I have the option of creating coupons but Paypal have informed me that I cannot do one for the full amount of the product. So some money has to exchange hands for them to do it. I want to give it away to certain people for free. I dont really want to charge them even $1 if I can help it
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    I have a coupon code script that I created and I will give away for free. You just add this code below the order link and if the people input the correct code in the code textbox, instead of going to PayPal to pay, they would directly to the download page.

    PM me if you have any questions on how to use this script.

    Best regards,
    Steve Yakim
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    That is immensely kind of you Yakim and is exactly what I am looking for. That is why this is the best forum.
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