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Hey all,

Just sharing some ways to gain traffic to your blog/sites and why it is important not to over-stretch yourself doing them.

There are many free ways in which you can follow to gain free traffic to your websites. But trying them all at once will only have a negative effect.

When I work on getting traffic to my site, I focus on only a couple of methods at a time! I make sure that I stick with it till I see results.

When I find the better method... I keep doing it! But I then turn my attention to another method in exchange for the method that didn't prove to bring me as much traffic!

Find which ones work for you.. but the thorough, Don't just give it a try for a day or two then quit... be consistent.

Here are some places you can gain some trafficFeel free to share yours)

Submit guest blog posts - You can create and submit guest blog posts to blogs with larger volumes of traffic. (They usually let you put a link in to the post)

Social media - You can create a Facebook page, Twitter account, Tumblr, Pintrest and tons more! Get involved and gain attention.

Article submissions - You can submit various articles to Ezine Articles, Buzzle and Go Articles

Forum marketing - You can create good threads that help people, participate in other peoples threads but don't spam.

Create your own videos - Create various videos that you can submit to places like YouTube.

Create Power point presentations - You can always create PPP's which you can submit to various document sharing sites.
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