8.3% optin rate to 33.3% over night

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One of the basics of making great money online is split testing, it's not all about the fancy tricks, it's how well you know and master the basics.

"I'm not afraid of the 10,000 strikes you know that you've practiced only once, but I'm deathly afraid of the 1 strike you know that you've practiced 10,000 times" --Shaolin Monk

Here is a screen shot from one of my split tests

8.1% to 33.3%

So essentially that quadrupled my optins and becasue my lead flow quadrupled so did my sales.

So what did I do, to do this?

All I did was ad a product image of my give away, I was giving away a free video, so I made a DVD cover for $4.95 at myecovermaker.com (not an affiliate link and not my site)

I was giving away a free video, so I made a dvd cover and added it to the page, that was the big difference.

Which when it comes to split testing, a small change can make a huge difference, one time I raised my opt in rate 5% by changing one word in the headline.

So don't get discouraged, if your opt in rates are low, run a split test and improve it.

Just in case you were wondering, all the basics you should focus on first are:

1. offer creation
2. lead generation (traffic)
3. Lead Conversion (turning leads into customers)
4. testing
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    Originally Posted by nicholasb View Post

    Split testing is really vital for success!

    Those who don't split test will end up with nothing but failure!

    Smart marketers try first to double conversion rates instead of doubling traffic
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    Insane share. Keep it up
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    Thanks for sharing. Testing rules!
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    Thanks for the share nicholas, great results. What service did you use to gather the metrics?


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    nice stuff.

    I am better with copy I think, and have double conversion rates by literally changing one or two words in the headline, and adding different colors. It is insane how well this works.

    When you get your head around the fact we are not marketers, we just test things that work better than other things.
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      Great stuff man!! They say a pic is worth a xxxx words...
      Real.. Proven.. Money Making Methods
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    Excellent case study. People still like to see what they are getting. That's why real products always sell more than virtual ones. Humans are visual creatures.
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    Great stuff. I like the ecover creating website link you posted.

    I also like the 4 basic point you mentioned. When it comes to making money online it all boils down to mastering traffic and conversions.
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    Okay...I am going to show my stupidity at this point. I have read multiple threads about this very topic and a few questions come to my mind:

    #1 - What software are you using to track your split testing?

    #2 - How do you go about split testing?

    #3 - What are the little things that I need to know about split testing?

    Thanks for allowing me to clarify these.

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  • Thank you so much for your screenshot and results.

    However, if I've learned anything in my years of experience is that 'isolated incidents are no indication of behavior'.

    This is impressive. I'm not taking that away. But, the claim that this happened 'overnight' means that the metric was measured from the night before, to the day next.

    And then nothing the next day.

    When analyzing data, you need to have a larger data set to measure the 'behavior' of the metric. That way, you can truly see the efficacy, and not measuring an 'outlier'.

    So, with this, as a webmaster, I'd be looking at a long time span - over a week or two (or better yet, over a number of unique visitors to make sure I was measuring over a LARGE number of people)

    Because if you think about it, you could have had a million people on that 8 percent conversion day, and have a TON of opt ins, but on the next day have 3 people. And one opt in.

    So, there are ways of looking at this and not seeing the whole picture.

    I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt, though, and congratulating you nonetheless.
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