Is this a good opportunity?

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Hi there,

I'm new at and affiliate marketing, I would like to know if this is a good opportunity:


Can anyone advise me?

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    A good opportunity for whom?

    As an affiliate...sure...50% of $250 and $450 would be a nice commission.

    But, do I think it will sell? No.

    Brings me to point two...

    Would I buy this product? Heck no. Why would I spend money to put a little ad on a site full of little ads? If someone arrives at that page, they will surely leave it. The traffic will not be targeted. Even if they do send 1 million people, the bounce rate will be like 99%, so 10,000 people "may" click an ad. You're competing against 45ish other ads. Therefore you "may" get 222 clicks...of untargetted traffic.

    Seems pretty steep for $250-$450.
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    That's freaking funny... I think Alex Tew, the real million dollar homepage (with the pixel ads) is very proud of all these similar websites.

    I like the text on the website...." Our plan is to reach 10 million visitors".... That's a great statement but i don't see any plan there.

    So, to answer your question: That's not a good opportunity. I suggest that you should focus your efforts on other offers.
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    I would look into other avenues then this ad wall. Like the above person said, this price point is ridiculously high, and how do you know there is actual converting traffic coming to the site.
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    Thanks all for your feedback!
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    Any ideas where this could eventually sell?
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    There must be some sort of target market with the purchasing power for this, any ideas?
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    No, I think it's way over priced and way to full of ads, If you even get seen the traffic you would receive would not be targeted. Do a little math on this and check out how your offers converts then think of how many visitors that you will get to that offer for this sort of money. I would have to be a lot to actually start to make a profit.

    I would try something like it's cheaper and you can get much more targeted traffic.

    JZ Zoo and the Warrior Forum are places to get a good special offer. So I would ask myself whether or not he is offering it at a discounted price. If he is I would hate to know what the normal charges are.
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  • There's too much grey area here, no target, no product, just blank space. It's also improbable to say it WILL receive any amount of visitors at all when there's little to no credibility. You're wise to be cautious, I'd say to extend your search for adspace elsewhere.
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