safe lists vs solo ads... opinions please

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Hey guys,

I was wondering what you think is better for email marketing in general... safe lists or solo ads?

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    I have had more results with solo ads. The trick is finding people who have good quality lists.

    Just have to do your due diligence to find them.
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    I've had the unpleasurable experience of
    running safelist ads.

    It's a grind.

    Safe-lists are the same as Solo Ads.

    The BIGGEST difference being price. They're
    a lot cheaper.

    ...but ultimately more expensive.

    You pay cheaper prices for cheaper traffic
    and for cheaper results.

    Your paying for the convenience with your

    Solo-ads, however, can produce excellent
    results IF you have a strong offer and IF the
    list your renting is well-maintained.

    It's not a question of what's better...or even
    a question of preference.

    ...I'm telling you...solo-ads will always give
    you the better results in the end.

    Even a BAD solo-ad is better than the BEST
    safelist ad.

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    I've done both and have never gotten anything good from safelist traffic.

    Solo Ads are the way to go. You pay for cheap sources and you'll get cheap results.
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    safe lists can be good if you have a good general interest offer, but you need a lot of visitors, I prefer to focus on niche solo ads, people who have built there lists in certain areas and target my offer just for those people
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    I prefer the solo ads because it is more targeted.
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      Originally Posted by Reinhart Osmond View Post

      I prefer the solo ads because it is more targeted.
      Actually safelists are far better targeted than "solo ads", overall, because "solo ads" are available with all kinds of different lists, and collectively cover a far broader field. There's no comparison at all, really.

      Safelist traffic is actually highly targeted: if you're using the traffic to build a list and then promote something specifically targeted at safelist traffic, it's absolutely ideal. That's why some Warriors are making such substantial monthly incomes from it (and I'm not talking about the safelist-owners).

      The problem is that many people try to use safelist traffic to promote something that isn't specifically targeted at safelist traffic (in other words they're trying to sell violins in a fish-market) and then, rather than saying "I screwed up", they prefer to say "safelist traffic is untargeted". :p

      If you're promoting something that's specifically aimed at safelist users, then safelists are probably going to be better for you. And if you're not, why are you even asking?
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    If you find a good solo ad provider than it's great source to gain new clients & customers. But you must find a company who has a good feedback.
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    Last month I send more than 10,000 hits to my squeezepage and it converted at an average of 1.5% over ~ 35 mailers. I've made a video which is uploaded onto my blog.

    I do have a proven funnel that does convert these leads into cash either through buying my own products, or they join other safelists and purchase upgrades where I earn commission.

    Overall I have more confidence in buying upgrades in the sites my tracking is showing to work than spending money on solo adverts.
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    Neither. I wouldn't use safe-lists and I'd be extremely careful about buying solos. The best way is to do it naturally through content creation and having a good funnel in place to build and nurture your list.
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    Thanks for this thread. I am looking to build up my list to create a solo ad business.

    I was not aware of safe lists but I will be aware to avoid them in the future.

    Thanks for this information its really helped a newbie
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      Safelists are great if you know what you're doing. I do own a popular
      safelist, however, I started it AFTER I already made a bunch of money
      promoting on OTHER people's safelists.

      Think about who the members of safelists are. They are people who
      are trying to make money online. If THAT is your targeted market
      then safelists ROCK.

      One tip is...members of safelists see EVERYTHING and they see
      it a million times over. If you want to attract them BE DIFFERENT.

      Good luck!

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    I use both and get results with both. Safelists are targeted but you have to understand the people who use safelists see hundreds of ads per day. You MUST have a good converting squeeze page. You can expect about a 1-2% conversion rate with safelists. That may sound low, but you can send a massive amount of hits to your page if you are using them correctly. With a targeted solo ad from a good provider I can spend 50-80 bucks and get 50-100 leads in a matter of 24 hours.. Solo ads are definitely a good addition to your marketing arsenal IF you have a good provider and a converting offer. Through all of this, make sure to track your conversions! I was stubborn for years thinking I didn't need tracking.. What a mistake that was!
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    if you can't make some money with highly targeted advertising avenues like safelists and traffic exchanges you probably need to reevaluate your career choice of being an internet marketing professional.

    Notice i didn't say you will get rich with systems like that, but if you cant figure out how to make money using highly targeted systems like that. i would certainly bet against you in other more difficult marketing scenarios that have a lot more variables to deal with.
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      Any suggestions on safelists that people have found to be effective?
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        I have had no luck whatsoever with safelists and after a while, I realized why. The people who view these lists are people like myself who signed up to view othe people's ads. The ads became so bulky, I hardly read any! They were just too overbearing.

        This means that my ad will also be lost in the jungle. I even blogged about my lack of success. I sent thousands of ads and no success whatsoever.

        Solo ads on the other hand are well worth the money. My first solo at a cost of $35 netted 2 sales and 51 optins from 100 clicks solo. What a big difference.
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    There's a ton of scams in the solo-ad world.

    Fake clicks, bot clicks, retargeted clicks from PTC, and a full gauntlet of scams that you haven't heard about.

    (I remember I bought a solo from a "Respected" vendor, had about a 75% opt-in rate, and they all confirmed the double opt-in at the same exact time).

    You do the math on that one.

    PS: I've also had great success with solo-ads, but the scammers are more frequent than people would imagine, even the "savvy" marketers are getting scammed.
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    with a safelist you have to give people a reason to join your list, maybe something free, or something like that. I see a lot of people promote stuff that requires investment and believe me, if you promote a free report or something similar on a safelist and then get them into your funnel, you'll do a lot better with safelist traffic.
    Now traffic exchanges is still a trick I haven't quite figured out yet, considering you don't even really get a chance to advertise your squeezepage with traffic exchanges, your squeezepage is all they see and most of the time if they're like I was in traffic exchanges they just waited for that clock to wind down so I could click and get my credits.
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    I agree with some of the earlier posters, you can get traffic from safelists. But you had better stick out, you have a few seconds or less to get their attention.
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    Safelists are okay, but solo ads are definitely the way to go. You just have to be careful to buy solos from reputable vendors and make sure to track all of your campaigns.
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    Defiantly Solo Ads. Safe Lists are normally known to have much lower quality subscribers and are sometimes from non english countries too!

    Solo ads are much better because they are usually already warmed up from the Seller giving away free content to buy later on.
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    I can explain it all in just two lines below.

    safelists = worst ever, just used to spam people mailbox and insult your offer.

    solo ads= The best option you can go with to build your email list.

    Okay the fourth line, hope it helps!
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      Solo Ads everytime, as you are bringing in new prospects without having to irritate the ones you already have.

      Safelists mean you have to send optin links to your prospects rather than valuable content. A marketer I really respect used safelists and with every email promising great value came a link to yet another optin, I am no longer on his list.

      Our goal for ourselves and our prospects should be to be on as few lists as possible, you are not helping your prospects by getting them onto lots of lists.
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        Solo ads are a lot better than safelists and one of the fastest ways to grow a list. You will get a lot better response but obviously you have to pay for them. I have had some success with safelist but you have to join lots and post consistently everyday to get any results. I use a program called safelist genie that helps by making it quicker to get credits, posting ads to multiple safelists and help manage all you safelist accounts.
        Affiliate links are not allowed. That includes framing.
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    If you are in the IM/MMO niche and you want laser targeted traffic than solo ads are the way to go.
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      I found safe lists to be a waste of time, too many of the same recycled traffic!
      Solos would be better, but you need to find reliable vendors
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    Solo Ads by miles.. the list on Safe List is rubbish..
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    Safelists are great free list to ultimately create a buyers list. I started off using them and heard that the only people making anything off of them was the person running it. Well that isn't true either. I got just as many conversions to my buyers list not owning one as I do owning one. Either way you got to put in the time.

    Tom Weathers
    Free Solo Promo Code: wsoforum5242013

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