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Hey Everyone,

Wanted to see if I could get some help and advice on my online adventure. I seem to be looking at this with tired eye's, sore neck and lots of uncertainty. I started an online guitar lesson service back in 1999 learn guitar dot net (don't need to post the url not looking for sales just need help) I offered over 400 hours of guitar lessons plus a personalized lesson plan to boot...

Long story short I needed a break from the guitar lesson business, I was working with large companies like Sam Ash Music, First Act Guitar etc... But when the economy crapped out everyone cut way back on advertising hence caused me to lose ¾ of our traffic and sales.

So I went back to doing Local SEO, Websites and Affiliate Marketing to make ends meet. I spent the last month creating a clickbank product for Basic Rock Guitar Lessons. I have over 400 hours of professionally recorded video guitar lessons and the Basic Rock Guitar site only accounts for about an 1/8 of the material I have created over the years along with professional guitar instructors.

As of now; I designed the new site - created the product - wrote the sales copy - set up clickback - and then bang hit a wall.... Just toast I guess. Been doing this for almost 14 years now I think I am too close to the forest to see the tree's.

I don't even know where to begin with the marketing? I know its a competitive niche but... I am an exert in this field. Do I go the YouTube Route? Facebook? Back-linking? Ad-words???? I know probably all... But please some serious advice on what the hell to do would be huge... Free Guitar Lessons for help :O)

Should I hit up guitar sites that rank highly for competitive phrases etc... I know that gets old with site owners because there are so many scams out there 99% of the messages will get deleted or go to the spam folder. I have been out of the ONLINE marketing arena for a while now verses LOCAL marketing for so long I feel lost.

I just need some guidance or even a partner... Yes I said it... A partner to help market this share profits... It's been up for a month now and has hardly any traffic If you could take a look and let me know, PM me or post here really would be a huge help...

basic rock guitar com
learn guitar net
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    The niche is indeed huge as well as highly competitive.

    1. create mini websites like Suzanna Theresia for upcoming artists.
    You can find various upcoming artists on local directories related to music.

    2. Create sites on high search and low competition keywords and then sell guitars as affiliate. For example:
    [guitar tips]
    has around 1000 GMSV on adwords keywords tool and the competition is also low.

    3. Become a social media expert and start coaching upcoming artists how to use fb, youtube.

    4. Start interacting more and more on guitar forums as well as musci forums.

    5. offer live webinars, live coaching via Google+ hangout to the interested.
    Then you can upsell your product to them.
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    If I were you, I would create a membership website. Have people pay a monthly fee to have access to your videos and you can interact with them within the membership area. You can release new content as you see fit and maybe even have a section for those that request new material. I like the idea of maybe putting the product on clickbank and Amazon also just to increase your sales and possibly get some affiliates.

    But, if it were me and you really wanted to build a serious monthly income then go the membership route. If you need any help or have any questions, feel free to contact me.

    Good luck.

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      I've been busy with other things. While I was doing those we went through Panda and Penguin updates and I stopped getting much action on my sites and products. Adsense revenue dropped inexplicably. Matt Callen sent me an email offering his new member site. I saw someone here saying in a post that Matt had attempted to be the front man for his site backlinksindexer.com which did the same thing. Since a basic package at backlinksindexer was about half what Matt Callen's was I went with it. Backlinksindexer describes itself as simply trending keywords combined with content put in a place where Google spiders will index it.

      Initially, I manually entered the links. Then, I got smart and hired professional scrapers at fiverr.com to scrape my links from my sites, my videos at YouTube, and my affiliate links and uploaded them in bulk.

      The results: The phone is ringing again; Adsense revenue is up! Whoo hoo! I upgraded to a midlevel package because I needed what seemed to me to be a lot of links processed. I'm running some of the links through again for one of my weakest sites.

      Backlinksindexer boasts that they will build 7000! backlinks to each of these links.

      I guess you could say this is my endorsement. :rolleyes:
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    Hi everyone,

    I wish you luck and I hope you clickbank account soon will be full of payment
    but you must act too I would look for affiliates in you niche to promote you product
    just go to google and do some research!

    All the best and see you on top

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    I know someone who makes $500+ per day from YouTube alone selling his guitar tutorials. You provide a quick clip of you playing the song and to see the rest they have to go to your website. From there they can buy the whole track or many other tutorials you have for sale.
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    Originally Posted by ricknap74 View Post

    I don't even know where to begin with the marketing? I know its a competitive niche but... I am an exert in this field. Do I go the YouTube Route? Facebook? Back-linking? Ad-words???? I know probably all... But please some serious advice on what the hell to do would be huge... Free Guitar Lessons for help :O)

    Don't focus on any of that right now. The tactics and strategies are nice, but you haven't mentioned a critical element.

    Who is your target market? Who are you going to be selling to?

    I'd suggest you need to step back and really start to consider who your target market is going to be, what their main problem is, and how you are going to solve that problem. Since this is a big market, it might be best to go down to a narrow niche and dominate that niche first.

    So who do you want to teach? What main benefits are are they going to get if they become your customers? Why them? Why not another demographic?

    And so on.... stay focused on those issues now. Then, you can get to tactics, strategies, and all the other juicy stuff... just don't skip the fundamentals...

    My two pennies...
    Do you really want to build a real business?
    Then you need this: 21 Days To Business Success
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    I think that all the social network platforms will do well for you.

    As previously mentioned, create videos about your videos, or you could edit a small cut of the video, and post one each day.

    Join groups, and communities relating to guitar learning, and contribute.

    If your copy is good, then you should be in a fantastic position to make big sales.

    Good luck,

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      You need some JV's or affiliates to help you promote your product. I also agree turning your product into a membership site as affiliates will love the constant monthly commissions.

      Good luck..

      Also start a face book group and get involved in pinterest and twitter this will help dramatically
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    You will need to do everything I guess. Video marketing, article marketing, backlinks, everything. But your primary focus should be ppc and ppv.
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      WOW thank you all for posting, got a few real nice PM's as well. I was definitely thinking about starting off on the YouTube route seeing my product delivery is video.

      I never had luck with YouTube but then again I never really studied the SEO/traffic part of it. Can anyone recommend a YouTube course I can get to kick start me?

      Thanks again everyone and keep the thoughts flowing.

      PS there was a mention of JV's I was thinking of that... How would I go about getting started? I would really like to partner with someone that can leverage this product and my expertise in this niche.
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        Originally Posted by ricknap74 View Post

        Can anyone recommend a YouTube course I can get to kick start me?
        Go to the Warrior Special Offers section here. There are some amazing courses for pretty cheap.

        Also, go to fiverr.com and search for YouTube and scroll through all the offers. There are some great deals for $5.

        I also wanted to recommend on the fiverr gig done by PrinceMaxx. If you give him digital audio files of you playing he can incorporate that into the movie trailer. He can also incorporate videos of you playing. A theme of, 'You can play like this!' by clicking the link below and getting started. Then all you need are some cool copyright free graphics to go with that. You can pay him a few bucks more for help with that.

        As far as target market, as mentioned above, at YouTube, your market will find you! That is helped by building links to your videos. A lot of fiverr providers are offering to build super links for $5. You are always free to get as much as you possibly can for your $5. Don't be surprised to find your videos turning up first page in a google search.
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          One answer here:


          I offered over 400 hours of guitar lessons plus a personalized lesson plan to boot...
          This would be a beautiful membership site, with of course upsell or back end offer of the personalized lesson plan and even offer a live skype lesson.

          Concentrate heavily on finding the right affiliates and they will do all your seo and marketing for you.

          If you set things up as a residual for affiliates this may help as well.

          "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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    I feel I understand ricknap74. If organizing, arranging and implementing a website along with products wasn't enough, it can be a daunting thing being faced with the challenges of reaching your audience.

    In fact, I have noticed many companies coming to us at dabwire looking to utilize the market team Topia Services face an identical brick wall as you call it.

    Below I have outlined the implementable steps sourced from Dabwire statistical results which have proven to consistently produce a successful marketing strategy for similar entrepreneurs facing a problem like yours.

    Keep in mind, although I can get long-winded on my replies here in the warrior forum. I try to outlined the most relevant information.

    It sounds as if you have more of a knowledge of implementable tactics than an overall business understanding and strategy involved in marketing so I will be focusing on that for you.

    1. Choose a niche market.

    When choosing a market niche, you need to focus on the small-scale and expand out based on fundamental successes that you are able to achieve.

    So it will be best to start with local, so you can get a feel for your markets demands desires and expectations, allowing you to adapt rearrange and correct before expanding out and investing in a larger market pool.

    Doing this will allow you to maximize return on your investment in marketing funds.

    The pace that you are able to implement these adaptations is the pace that your business will grow.

    2. Set a goal.

    For growth in your business it is very important to have some transparent and detailed goals established.

    Whether your goals are to achieve a financial return our exact number for the user base this success principle holds true.

    The path that you will take in order to achieve these goals is like a river, but if you want to control of the river ends, you must keep these goals in the forefront of every business decision other rise your River will fraction off dissipate and eventually evaporate away.

    3. Seting a budget.

    An established budget is very important when expanding your marketing.

    This allows you to align with your goals and evaluate whether or not a particular marketing spend had a greater or less return compared with another.

    4. Assume a conversion rate.

    Have a conversion rate in mind prior to your implementation of a marketing strategy. This can be obtained through direct surveys and interactions with your niche and the more you do, the more accurate and precise your conversion estimate will be.

    You can compare your survey results with other industry data directly from your market. This can be done through connecting and communicating with implementers in your industry.

    5. Masterminding ideas.

    For many entrepreneurs this is the interesting part of a business startup, let alone a fundamental step in creating a marketing strategy. Think of ways and places you can reach your audience with the highest ratio of potential customers.

    This can be both online and offline. Think blogs, trade shows, social networks, video groups, instant messaging groups, meet-ups, etc.

    6.Test and execute.

    For example, dabwrie worked with adventureAED.com that hase an e-commerce site which distributed defibrillators. instead of selling to the general niche they decided to target a specific group in their market, which aligns themselves with adventurous.

    With Dabwire adventureAED set a goal to sell 100 defibrillators and use those profits to expand. They set a marketing budget of $5,000 to accomplish there goal. They made a safe assumption that out of 100 potential customers, only one will purchase, a 1% conversion rate.

    AdventureAED analyzed the data with the marketing strategists at dabwire.com they knew in order to secure one customer, they need to market to 10,000 adventurist.

    With SEO strategy from Topia Services was set in place to both match their budget and reach their customer base.

    It is best to start with a small marketing budget and expand out based on proven and established conversion rates. If the response and conversion rate is equal to or better than you assumed, take progressive action.

    7. Spreading the word through networks.

    Because of the rise in social media popularity it has created an image of simplicity to this stage of the marketing. It is important to understand, although the tactics are easy to understand their more complicated to implement in an effective manner.

    Take advantage of the tactics that will work best for your brand and entice users to share content and invite friends through incentives, contests, and engagement.

    8. Make it exclusive.

    It is a psychological trigger to be attracted to exclusivity. The successful results of this becomes abundantly apparent when you take in consideration one of the most successful networks in the digital industry Facebook.com .

    In the early stages of their marketing strategy. They not only target a specific niche, but they made membership exclusive and rejected anyone without a college email.

    9. Target the thought leaders.

    It is important to interact in social lies with the thought leaders in your industry.

    Because it is human nature to become more like those you interact with you must make a conscious decision who is involved in this stage of the marketing. your goal in these interactions is to present a seductive vibe to your product, so they see value in spreading it their large audience.

    You can utilize Twitter for creating lists of thought leaders to follow, along with other tools like Google+ can be valuable too.

    In Conclusion

    Growing a marketing strategy is all about adaptation and course correction, while focusing on the most optimal and results. remember to continuously test and drop the losers for the winners as you rinse and repeat.

    Implementing failing tactics is part of finding the ones that work for your campaigns.

    ricknap74 Now that you have this understanding collaboration with a marketing strategist and fulfillment agency like Dabwire will produce the most beneficial results for your marketing campaigns or venturing out on your own.
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