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by Wahaha
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I'm an CJ.com publisher.
And i have joined so many affiliate programs.
Now, i want to add some advertiser's products at my website.
But some products don't list at Cj.com.
How can i post the links?
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    Check the advertisers affiliate page.

    Or the page where you get redirected when you click on an offer.

    There will be a place to sign up as an affiliate.

    sign up and then you should receive your affiliate links.
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    CJ interface might be confusing. Sometimes, when there are thousand of products, you won't get the direct product links. You have to use the "Services" menu, and register to receive product datafeeds to an email address. Otherwise, you have to search for every product so you can get the link.
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    Originally Posted by Wahaha View Post

    How can i post the links?
    Not all programs offer direct linking to individual products.
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