1 of 3 ppc clicks is opt in(0.70$ per click which mean i pay 1.80$ for one opt-in) its good?

by gil12
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Thanks alot. IM niche.
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    It's good if you're selling 10% of them new Porsches.

    It's bad if you're earning less than you're spending on them.

    It means nothing, in itself, does it? Clearly you have to compare cost per opt-in with earnings per subscriber, to know whether it's profitable or loss-making.

    By the way, 3 x $0.70 was $2.10, not $1.80, when I went to high school, but that was about five years ago now, and "new math" may have changed it all ...
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    It all depends on your niche and eventually the responsiveness of those subscribers. But then again everyone will tell you that so let me be brave and tell you that the amount you mentioned is above average.

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    As already stated...it will "depend." If every person ends up being a buyer...then...yes it's a good deal. If no one buys...then...it's a bad deal. If only one person buys...and they buy millions of dollars worth of stuff...then it's a good deal. Scary to be dependent on one person...but you'll still make money.

    Time will tell. Work hard to build a relationship and hope for the best.
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    So its avarge...
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    Gil, I mean no disrespect here but if you ask a question, could you at least give some more information on the subject and not make us come to our own conclusions? I am sure if you did that, you would actually get better answers, more in-depth answers and something which will actually help you.
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    Average to what? What are you doing to monetize the list? If you are gathering names to sell them a $100 item all profit then yeah buy them all day long if they are converting. If you are just paying .70 to gather optins that are not converting they you are just throwing money away. Especially when you can get them for 0.00 (yes I mean free).

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    Never mind... I'm sorry about that. I just download ppc guide so i read it in the next hours... please close this thread.
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    Conversion of those subscribers matters a lot, and what you sell them and how often.
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