Countdown timer that does NOT redirect?

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First of all, I've already searched the threads (and Google and for solutions, but found none, so this is a last resort.

I'm looking for a simple countdown timer WP plugin that will allow me to just show a countdown for any amount of time, NOT to a date. I've been through a dozen plugins that all force me to select a date in time but none of them will let me do what I want.

I already have Page Expiration Robot Pro, but that doesn't work either.

Here's what I want to do. It has nothing to do with false scarcity or an expiring offer or even redirecting at the end. I am using OP and have delayed content appear after a specific amount of time. I simply want to show the visitor a countdown that they won't even know what it's for, but after it hits 00:00:00, new content will be displayed and nothing more. The countdown won't perform any other function than to countdown from the amount of time I set, and will show the same amount of time with each page load. So I want to set and show a timer to match the time I have set to display delayed content within my OP page settings.

Hope that makes sense.

Any recommendations?

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