How Would You Monetize These Domains?

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While doing some random domain name hunting, we came across two that were available, and might have monster potential. Of course we snapped them up - now the question is, what's the best way to monetize them?

The two domains are and

My first thought, and the reason I was poking around those keywords, is the obvious: something related to the US presidential race.

Of course, they could also be very good for various types of business sites, although one thought is to leverage the politics-related traffic until after the race, then re-purpose them.

Assuming we try to leverage the politics angle, what might be the best way to do it?

Right now, we're thinking an Adsense blog, but would love to hear some ideas.


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    You can use Kontera ads or Chikita eMinimalls. You can go to Clickbank or Commission Junction. Or use Google and this "keyword+affiliate program".
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    • Originally Posted by napoleonfirst View Post

      You can use Kontera ads or Chikita eMinimalls. You can go to Clickbank or Commission Junction. Or use Google and this "keyword+affiliate program".

      Thanks for your reply, however I understand monetization methods. My question was whether anyone had any more specific thoughts.

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        Hey Mark,

        napoleonfirst gave you a good way to monetize a political site. That's unless you want to write a couple of books about the race, parties, or delegates. I found that dpmains of this nature usually turn into political debate blogs, and eventually get sold for a pretty penny.

        The top monies may come in when and if you ever want to sell each domain.

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        • Thanks Mary,

          I had that thought as well, though my partner wants to go for the 'quick buck' approach. His argument is that the "political" niche would be one of the hardest to create content for on a consistent, ongoing basis.

          I have no doubt that if we somehow attracted some passionate and articulate bloggers, they could end up to be monsters, but it seems like that would require a huge investment in building out political blogs that have the features, look, and feel of what's already out there.

          We definitely don't have the resources to build another

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          VERY Limited WSO. 100% Guaranteed.

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            you could easily monetize those sites with a nice CPA offer. you just have to dig around and find a nice offer.

            and there is tons of opportunities for content. we just had Obama's acceptance speech all over the papers and tv's around the world. now you will have the debate's coming up...all of these are great opportunities and will get you alot of traffic to your site because everyone wants to get their opinion in and say what they got on their mind.

            Here's an example for those that need some help getting their creative juices flowing:

            1. sign up for a CPA network if you aren't already.

            2. find an easy offer to promote. one that gives a payout per LEAD. these will be small amounts like $1.00 or so per email/zipcode you capture, but with the amount of traffic you can get to these election '08 sites there's no need to worry... also, these easy offers get much higher conversion rates.

            3. put a lot great content regarding the presidential election.

            4. add your offer onto to your page. it doesn't matter what page. this all personal preferance, but i personally make it appear on every page of my site at the very top.

            5. make your offer grab your readers. you know they are coming to your site to read about what's happening in the election and most likely voice their opinion. so an example for the recent acceptance speech by Obama would be to have an offer that pays you for every zipcode you capture. you would then have your offer head line say something like "do you think Obama's speech was from the heart?" or "did you like Obama's speech or did you think it was all just talk" can be much more creative i'm sure.

            then have you call to action. so a full headline example would be:

            "Did Obama's Acceptance Speech Convince You He Is The Best Candidate For The Presidency? Just put put your zipcode in and choose 'yes' or 'no' to get your voice heard and receive a free $50 Barnes and Noble giftcard."

            You get the idea. Just make it catchy...make the reader want to voice their opinion and they will.

            6. Advertise your site. This again is personal preference. You can social bookmark your site, use forums with your signature, even use Adwords. As long as you keep updating the site, especially when big events happen like the upcoming debates(this will be great for getting traffic and conversions), you will do just fine.
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