What can I offer on Fiverr?

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So I hear a lot of people talking about fiverr gigs and making extra money or "startup money" on fiverr. But my question is, what gigs do you think an average Joe like me could offer?

I have a pretty good grasp on the English language so I am currently offering writing gigs. But I am not the cheapest and I am definitely not the best, so its hard to get constant work.

What advice would you give to me, or someone like me, about what kind of gigs we could offer?

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    You could offer your undying love for all of eternity.. I hear that's a top-seller

    lol jk.

    All kinds of stuff.. if you have a good voice, try voiceover gigs. If you're photogenic with a webcam, try some review type gigs.. just be creative.
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    I would try and find something that no one is really doing on there. For example, there are a TON of people doing directory submissions, so you're probably not going to make a lot of money as a new provider in that pool, unless you're willing to offer something completely crazy.

    Obviously given the number of providers you're going to have trouble finding something that NO ONE is doing, but if there are only a few providers and you think you can provide a decent service, give it a shot. Worst case, you wasted a few hours.

    Tired of recieiving copy from writers that sound like Engrish is their fifth language? Get serious about your content. Hire the best

    Simply Solid Writing

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    How are you with creating images?

    If you have software or can use one of the online graphic creators, you can get paid to make banners, Facebook headers, viral social pics (like a funny cat with a statement or a soothing pic with a quote from Buddah...)

    Just a thought.

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    SEO is huge, as are any type of graphics gigs. As far as writing, if you can write reviews of products or books, people always seem to want those.

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    Many people obviously know that I do well with Fiverr, but I will tell you 3 gigs that have made me $1,200 a month in my first 2 months. You do not get rich overnight on fiverr, unless you have proper resources. If you are fast at closing your sales and keeping customers happy you will do very well with these gigs.

    The gigs are blog commenting, video testimonies, and sending quality traffic to websites

    Good Luck and Have Fun
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    I see some crazy offers on fiverr and people actually pay for this stuff apparently. Just find something you enjoy.

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    Hell, I seen a gig where some guy opens an envelope, reads your letter with your website URL, and freaks out.

    Then runs in to a wall & "gets knocked out"

    And people were (and still are) buying it like crazy!!

    Again, just be creative!
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    What are you good at doing? What is something you can do with the least amount of effort but that is still in high demand? Once you answer those questions, you will know your answer.
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      My suggestion would be to find something that you can do the work ONCE for and deliver over and over again to different customers.......

      That's when Fiverr started to make real sense for me..... without having to put on a banana suit and singing happy birthday....... but if you could pull off a similar gig like the Jesus gig..... then you could make a small fortune........ as long as you could sleep at night :rolleyes:
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    Also remember, as far as I know, you can post your gig as many times as you want on Fiverr. So split test it like crazy. More visibility and when one starts getting attention you'll start getting some $.
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    you can offer video creation gig, if you have a good look, that is an asset to attract people. create a professional product review video by using light background, good and clear voice, and bright room.
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    You can offer content writing, for $5 you should write around 500 words or so. Writing a review article is not easy for the first time, you must gather information, make a genuine opinion and provide tips or other valuable additional information. But if you already grasp the job pattern, you can write any article in less than 1 hour.
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    If you have talent on design, you should utilize your design skill to create design gig in fiverr. As far as I know, banner design and logo design have many demand in the internet world. You can also offer customized signature for forums. First, you should offer sample of your work. Second, you must keep your reputation in positive, never accept job if you cannot do it. Third, Fiverr success!
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      Maybe you can do website or business reviews on youtube they seem to do alright...
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