Is this product a good opportunity? (Website Traffic)

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Hi there,

I'm new at and affiliate marketing, and I would like to know if it is a good opportunity:


Can anyone advise me?

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    One Million Visitor Package and the price is $570. If you want 1 million visitors to show to your clients then it might be ok but if you want to earn some benefits from this package then I will say NO. There are too many sites that are selling traffic and truth is that they will place your site in their autosurf software. Whenever their members will start the autosurf software your website will be automatically run by the autosurf software. The next truth about this software is that many users start the autosurf software and minimize it and do some other work. They can also open the autosurf software and go to bath or go to dinner.

    Now tell me your self whether such traffic can benefit you.

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    Agree with nitesh..

    STAY AWAY !!!

    If you need some help/direction Orion123..
    drop me a line.

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      Maybe I was misunderstood, I am not going to buy the product, I was asking how is the product in an affiliate perspective, do you think there is market for it? Will it sell?

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    What do you think ??
    Would you buy it ??
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      Personally yes, I don't think they do auto surf as it was mentioned here, but I don't know the market very well that's why I am asking if it is a good product to sell
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    No, personally i wouldn't buy it. Specially at that price, you can get traffic with that amount with little investment, with a bit of hard work.

    You have to look at it at this point of view :

    If the traffic converted, why are they selling it?

    Wouldn't you drive that amount of traffic daily if you could provide it for a small price? I know i would.


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    No to advertise them for commission there millions(ill be honest there price is stupid, i can go ebay and get a million for £49.99 lol )

    No to the service,ends up a boot pinging your website lol
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      Ok guys, look, thanks all for your replies, but I think I am being misunderstood, or maybe I'm not in the right forum

      I'm not questioning the quality of the product I'm questioning this website in an affiliate perspective.

      I want to advertise this product and I want to know if this product would sell in the market or not.

      What do you think?

      All the arguments you are giving me are "wise", but the common market is not that wise, you know what I mean right?

      I don't want to buy this product, and I don't want to know if you would buy it or not, I would like to know if you would advertise it
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    would you?
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    The question to always ask yourself is, is this a product that you would wholeheartedly recommend to a friend or a family member?
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    Nice conversation here. If you take randomly 100 products from jvzoo or any other affiliate network, there are some of them that you would buy, but you don't have the money right now, or you already know what is it in there, or you already got traffic from elsewhere. You don't need in that moment, but there are some products that you would buy.

    Find those products and promote them. You will never buy 1 million crappy traffic for $570. How do you intend to promote it if you do not believe it ? Just post it on google adwords ? If it was so simple and the conversion rate so high, why the owners of the product don't advertise on google adwords for quick and sure cash ?

    Affiliate marketing is working because people are making recommendations on blogs, mailing lists, facebook pages, etc. You have a targeted audience and you tell them about different products that may be in their interest.

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