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Hey Guys,

I've been posting updates on the WF about how I am getting on and the support from all my fellow warriors has been amazing! So thank you all for that.

While I have been really pleased with the progress I have made, I have neglected to get any outside opinions on how my blog looks along with the content and products on there (one of which I have created myself to build my list) which may seem an obvious thing to do, but I guess I've just been caught up in all the work getting things to this stage!

Now that I am in a position to drive more traffic to my blog, I wanted to get your honest opinion of my work to date.

Please don't hold back....I would rather know NOW if it's no good or needs attention as I don't want to waste valuable time driving traffic to something that is sub-standard.

So good honest opinions from all you Warriors out there would be really appreciated please!!

Also some up to date tips in 2013 for generating free traffic based on me spending a couple of hours a day Mon to Fri would also be very much appreciated.

I really want to focus my time on building my list now and ramping things up to the stage where I can jack in the day job!

My signature link will take you straight to my blog and if anyone wants to review my free product I have created then please feel free to opt in to get it then opt out! I don't want to publish the download page directly here for obvious reasons!

Many thanks in advance guys!

Andy Benson
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    Hi Andy,
    This is fine as a basic blog. I find the header too dark but I am no good at graphics myself.
    The one thing I couldn't discern is "What is your Unique Selling Proposition."
    In other words. If I landed on your page would I know what you are about in 5 seconds.

    Having said all that I'm probably not much than you at this. Good luck with your business.

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    Why can' t I see your signature link? :-(
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        Maybe have a widget box on the right hand sidebar with a little description of who you are and what you offer.
        The header is a bit dark as someone posted earlier, maybe get a color photo of yourself.

        Good luck

        I fix WordPress problems, PM me if you need help

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        Originally Posted by andyjbenson View Post

        Hey Sarah! It's right at the bottom in bold blue!
        I think something must be wrong with my browser, cause I can not see anything in bold blue :-(
        I will try opening with other browser.
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          I don't see it either (IE10)
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  • Andy, so far so good and congrats on having some help with affluent coaches Dean and Alex. On a content level I love the energy from your writing, but I would just be a little careful with some of the verbiage.

    As this is your blog that's promoting YOUR professional services, YOU have to be the professional. Mentioning that you are currently being mentored automatically devalues your credibility as the professional - as it shows that you're still learning (but let's face it, aren't we all in this ever-changing industry?)

    My two cents would still give credit to Dean and Alex as that is absolutely a wonderful partnership to have - but don't sell yourself short. YOU are the expert. Promote your product and explain in detail why they should come to you, versus hopping right over your head and speaking with Alex instead. Friend/Mentor or not, you're also competitors!

    Maybe this is a little premature on my end as your site is fairly new, but in a digital age when all it takes is a click of a button to lose a prospect, EVERYTHING we post online is crucial in keeping their attention. Best of luck in your continued growth and success!
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