Sheesh...just unsubscribe rather than wishing me dead with Cancer :o(

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I just got an unsubscribe to my mailing list today. I make a point of reading the comments why the person has unsubscribed just in case it is something that I can rectify in the future with other subscribers.

This is what the person (a Warrior) wrote in the comments box:
"Money hungery *******s are a disease to society. Best thing you could do is get cancer like the cancer you're .. and don't doubt I wouldn't say that to your face.. you disgust me."

The ironic thing was, the email wasn't even selling anything. It is an information email with free 'no strings' gift with a direct download...not even an opt-in.

I know comments from people like that comes as part of the territory but it still astonishes me that people can be like that (and it is particularly distressing because of my personal experiences with Cancer).

Other unsubscribes recently include "Why are you emailing me? I am reporting you". That was from somebody who requested free updates to my products and had to go through the double opt-in process to get them.

And: "Stop emailing me. I have unsubcribed from your list 5 times now" when they clearly hadn' least not according to Aweber.

Is it just me or are people getting ruder and more unhinged?

Hope you are having a much better day

PS. The person who wrote the cancer post had an email ending in ws (West Somoa). Not sure if that is just a proxy or not.
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    Hi Gary,

    What an awful unsubscribe! People subscribe to get freebies and then they act if you are some evil when you send them any followups.

    I am truly sorry to hear this story. The first one is obviously from a person who needs some anger management.

    I think that subscribers are getting ticked off because of many unscrupulous marketers that have sprung up lately. Some continuously bombard me with WSO after WSO and product after product. I had one send me 3 promotional emails in one day.

    But there is no need to be rude about it. It is easy to unsubscribe.
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    Why take it so personally or feel the need to share it publicly? Just delete it and move on. You need a thick skin in this business, no point dwelling on the nasty people that are out there.
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      Originally Posted by Thomas Smale View Post

      Why take it so personally or feel the need to share it publicly? Just delete it and move on. You need a thick skin in this business, no point dwelling on the nasty people that are out there.
      Couldn't have said it any better.


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    Do not get it too personally. It can happen that some people are so bored with their life, that think this kind of expressing themselves makes them be
    I suppose with any job in real life you still have people like this one. As long as you are OK with yourself and what you are doing, there is no point in letting it hurt you.
    You just go on.
    I think it it awful to even think of wishing somebody something like this....
    Take care :-)
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    Don't care about that stuff is the only advice anybody can give you
    That's ofcourse if you even decide to read the messages you get from unsubscribers.

    Many people are frustrated in this world without a legitimate reason, don't become one of them!
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    There are some nasty people in the world unfortunately, but as others have said you have to take it on the chin and move on.
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    I have personally received worse e-mails. Just like there are amazing, loving people out there; there are also crazy, hateful persons. That's human nature and there's nothing we can do about it except move on.

    Best of luck

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      It was my water cooler period where I just wanted to air off.

      I am certainly not dwelling on it. And you are right...there are some great people out there too


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    People can be absolute jerks. That said, there are probably many people who appreciate and have learned from your product, but haven't actually felt the need to tell you so. Concentrate on those people
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    i cannot even think about that... holy shit. What a evil guy.
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    People have always been like this. Some times they go NUTS during a phone call. It has nothing to do you with you - and everything to do with them.

    Normal people - who aren't insane - read the instructions and click 'Unsubscribe.'
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    Maino Hi Hater - YouTube

    "I let a hater hate"

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    Hi Gary,

    Don't let this one person get you down. Those are just words, there are all kinds out there. Move forward, focus on the positive and enjoy every moment of every day!
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    Is it just me or are people getting ruder and more unhinged?
    Yes, people (actually losers who call themselves IM'ers) are getting ruder because:

    1) They are usually on the lists of 100's of sellers.

    2) They get the same emails, down to the exact words, from multiple people every day.

    3) They simply ignore/delete/spam/unsubscribe from lists everyday (while continuously getting on new ones!)

    4) Swearing and in general sending absolute trashy and rude messages like you received gives them a sense of importance, something like they are in control and you are the spammer (no matter 'which' seller you are, whether they even remember you!)

    5) They think they are the ones who are favoring you by being on your list and hence they can say anything to you coz you are the greedy marketer (you represent everyone for them!) who asks for their money every other day!

    Guess what I do? I sort my lists (segmentation) and kick people who don't want to be on the list or are there just to delete me mails!

    My lists are pretty small, but then I have an amazing rapport with the people on them!
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  • I love getting comments like these, they only ooze 1 thing: jealousy. People will always be "hungry" for someone else's success. Like everyone else has said, brush your shoulders off and move on. Don't take anything to heart from people who call the kettle black as a "disease" by spreading negativity and have zero drive to be successful themselves.
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    I love getting comments like these, they only ooze 1 thing: jealously.
    Bingo! But I guess we can at least understand their mindset, where these people come from, and at least not be negative from our side.
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      How did you feel when you read the message? Right after the "What the f%&/k" moment. Did it felt like for a sec you were drained or exploding? And then it lingered a bit longer as a nagging feeling? Something you couldnĀ“t quite let go?

      And as time goes by you just feel tired, shrug it off and go back to feel normal. Is that it?
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    This isn't a world away from the type of things I expect my Communist friend says about me when my back is turned. :p

    That's the way of fanaticism generally, though. Whatever the doctrine involved, sanctimonious acolytes, fooled as they are, believe themselves individuals of superior grace and moral refinement even while hurling insults of the most grotesque nature at anyone they wish, without justification.
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    Sometimes there's truth to subscriber comments that we don't want to admit. It's time to reflect on your business when a particular comment nags at you for an extended period of time because it's quite possible your subconscious mind is trying to tell you something.

    That doesn't appear to be the case here. This person was just trying to pass some of their unhappiness to you. They are the cancer, not you.

    Back on the horse. Saddle up and ride on.

    Raising a child is akin to knowing you're getting fired in 18 years and having to train your replacement without actively sabotaging them.

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    Hey Gary

    I know how you feel. It is a consequence of people feeling safe hiding behind their avatars. But, you know, the thing to do is have a policy published at your site about how you handle rude and offensive mails and link to it in your FAQ and your contact form. My policy tells people I will simply ignore such mails as it serves no good purpose to reply. I find it helps a bit.

    And, as my dear old Dad used to say, "Nil carborundum illegitamae!"

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    well, as usual, i will play devils advocate a bit.

    i certainly don't wish cancer on anyone, but there are a huge number of cancerous IMer's out there these days who are indeed just looking to take what they can from folks by almost any means possible.

    I am certainly not saying that is you OP....just pointing out that the unsubscriber is probably on lots of lists, many of which are of the cancerous nature.

    That being said, the fastest way to fire those sort of "customers" (assuming you call freebie seekers customers) is simply to charge or charge more for your stuff.

    That way you only get people who understand what giving and receiving something of value is about. They give you money they value in exchange for information they value more.
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  • Profile picture of the author Amod Oke
    This person was just trying to pass some of their unhappiness to you. They are the cancer, not you.
    Right there, the veteran gives you the answer to this thread!
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  • There are retarded people all over the internet. Delete, ignore and move on.
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    I often think about how tough it is to be President.

    The vitrol that leaders have to endure. But it comes
    with the territory.

    On another level, such messages are often a cry
    for help. When people are frustrated they often
    lash out in this way.

    I wouldn't take it personally. But easier said than

    -Ray Edwards
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    This happens all the time. Every marketer including myself has had a troublemaker trying to demean you, even if you provide nothing but pure content. Ignore him and just focus on the people that appreciate you
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  • Profile picture of the author Pitchfork Marketing
    Here's the internet marketing equation.

    If people dont hate you then you're doing something wrong.

    Why is that?

    For the best results you need to speak directly to your target market.

    Your marketing messages and content should be written for their enjoyment.

    But in the process of doing this the people who your content isn't intended for
    will probably become angered because you might be discussing things that
    dont align with their current views.

    On the same token, then people who your message is intended for will love you more
    and more -thus leading to more sales.

    You could go the broad approach, but from my experience that never works
    because it's hard to make a hard hitting emotion packed message when you're
    trying to please everybody.

    Serve and please your target audience. Build your community and to hell with everybody else.

    Dont get arrogant or cocky with it -- Just creatively confident ;-)
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    Not worth your time to dwell on these types of comments, although I do applaud you for reading your unsubscribe comments. If you can get past the insults, you can learn a lot from these comments.

    One note: I received your email the other day and clicked to see what it was about and the link took me to a 404 page. Haven't checked again to see if it is working properly.
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  • Profile picture of the author quamism
    Not worth your time to dwell on these types of comments, although I do applaud you for reading your unsubscribe comments. If you can get past the insults, you can learn a lot from these comments.

    One note: I received your email the other day and clicked to see what it was about and the link took me to a 404 page. Haven't checked again to see if it is working properly.
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    unsubscribes are good.....they make your list stronger. The list needs to be willing and able buyers not whingers who will never take real action and will move onto the next shiny freebie before they have even finished their whinge.......personally I would enjoy that kind of message.......but then i am very strange!
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    Usually those who leave a comment about why they are unsubscribing help you understand what type of messages they want to receive.

    If you are getting such messages, perhaps you should be humble and think about why you are upsetting some subscribers.

    Sometimes I delete messages from my follow up series based on the comments of those who unsubscribe, even though I rarely have meaningful comments when someone decides to unsubscribe.

    The comments they usually leave are: ‘I don’t have time to read so many email messages’, or ‘No more interested’.

    However, when they say that my messages are too complicated or that I talk too much about the same things, I always take a look at my follow ups, trying to find out what bothered them.

    I’m not saying that there is something wrong with your messages, but perhaps you should be more diplomatic.

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    It's not a big deal really. People unsubscribe from all types of lists everyday. Forget about it and get more subscribers.
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      Gary is right though. People have become much more inclined to be gratuitously rude these days. I see it in my professional life, more than online.

      Rude for the sake of it, often totally without justification.

      I put it down to the general mood, given the economic woes we all face. I take a deep breath, count to ten and then tell myself they must be having some problem in their life that is making them be that way.

      Sad, really.
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    The first unsubscriber does need Mental Treatment.
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  • Seriously though.. If people are making comments like that they are not worth your time at all. Remove the negativity from your life and move on! Trust me, you and your business will benefit from it, while these 'kids' are still trying to bring other people down without making a dime, you are growing your business
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    I take emails like these and post them to Facebook. My inner circle always has a good laugh with them.
    I offer CPA coaching and investment opportunities for those SERIOUSLY interested in making money directly or indirectly with affiliate marketing. PM me for details.

    Read More about CPA/Affiliate Marketing on my Blog
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  • Profile picture of the author rmolina88
    I facepalmed and lol'ed at the same time.

    Although the cancer thing was a little too far.
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  • Profile picture of the author solos
    There are some really nasty people. What a horrible thing to say to someone!

    You know what they say though Karma is a B####!!
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  • Profile picture of the author Young Financier
    While I understand the person's frustration, I don't agree with the way in which he or she expressed themselves. Let's face it, most IM'ers are very annoying once you get on their list. Every other email is a "hey, check out my buddy's product...." and when you try to unsubscribe, something goes "wrong." You either have to manually block them from emailing you, report them to their autoresponder company or tell them in forceful language to remove you from their list. I know this because I've been there. So I'm not gonna jump on the bandwagon is bashing the person who made the comments because I understand where they're coming from.
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  • Profile picture of the author btchristopher
    Thanks for sharing your experience. I understand how you feel. People like this frustrate me too. There seems to be some weird bias against anyone who is trying to "make money" like it is some kind of shameful activity. Many people in this world EXPECT to get everything for free. The thing is, everyone wants money. We need it to live. And yet so many go around condemning others for being "greedy". It is because of jealousy, I think. Anyway there will always be this element, and there is nothing you can do about it, so like several others have said, just don't let it get to you and keep on doing what you are doing. Good luck!
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    • Profile picture of the author Paul Myers
      Here's what probably happened...

      Someone got on a ton of lists. They bought a bunch of over-hyped products, thinking they were going to make a ton of money fast. They are probably in a tough situation, and the frustration, desperation, disappointment, and anger caught up with them. They wrote a template nastygram, and used it on every publisher whose unsubscribe system allowed it.

      There's no way to avoid this stuff. You just never know what's going on with the person on the other end.

      Stop by Paul's Pub - my little hangout on Facebook.

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  • I've seen worse messages lol. But yeah people can say really mean things. The sheer amount of spam I get daily pisses me off so I can partially understand where they are coming from, but wishing death on someone is over the top.
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  • Profile picture of the author Robert Montgomery
    Hey Gary, I am on your list and I think I know the post your talking about regarding the free gift download, maybe this person has failed so many times and with frustration unfortunately you were his target that day.

    I have never had comments like this actually I have never had any comment yet when people unsubscribe maybe my list is not to that size yet
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  • Profile picture of the author freotech
    That comment is from a really "Sick" person. I would just ignore it and move on. I actually dont bother to read why people are unsubscribing to my list. I do join many email lists and everynow and then i would unsubcribe. Basically "People come and Go ". I lose one subscriber ...well i may be getting another 2 new subscribers today.
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  • Profile picture of the author sketchaddict
    Hi Gary,. Well that's a story of all the marketers who shoot emails to their lists... I also get a lot of unsubscriptions with abusive emails. But i usually ignore them because they themselves subscribed to my list and i didn't Forced them to do so and i am not even spamming them..
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  • Profile picture of the author Leanne King
    In IM we often "ask" for feedback because it helps us test/track and improve. With that, you will get the good and the bad and the sometimes downright nasty While it can be hard to take you have to realise that bottom line they are the ones having a bad day not you Btw I got your emails and didn't feel the urge to unsub at all
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    • Profile picture of the author ExRat
      Hi Gary,

      There are loads of ways to view this, many of them mentioned above, most of them with a similar theme - which is that it's usually not a bad thing to practice being more philosophical about our experiences in the world stemming from putting ourselves out there.

      Here are two more views which haven't been mentioned.

      1) Some people use guerrilla marketing tactics. Some people seem to enjoy using these tactics just because they are guerrilla. Therefore, it's probably wise to assume that amongst all of the different types of marketers out there, there might be some who use guerrilla tactics not only to promote their own business, but also to weaken the competition, perhaps because they enjoy playing with peoples' heads, or perhaps just because it's extremely effective.

      Including this as a possibility can act as a disclaimer for a pricked conscience as well as possible proof that you're doing things right.

      2) The corporate/advertising world are masters of antagonising in order to build a brand and ultimately sell. Due to the broad use of these methods and their huge reach, they have also become masters of 'keeping their distance' and funnelling any negative feedback due to them to a dead end.

      The consumer 'feels' this and the anger builds up, until they find a 'little guy' who cares enough to take note of the feedback, even though that feedback is in reality the result of the actions of hundreds of incidents with unrelated corporations who are TBTC (too big to care).

      To the consumer, the little guy in the way is simply the straw which broke the camel's back and they convince themselves that he is 'one and the same' to ease their own conscience.

      Only you and your own mind can actually cause the contents of that feedback form to develop into an illness.

      Is it just me or are people getting ruder and more unhinged?
      Probably not.

      But the difference is the internet.

      Roger Davis

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    dead with cancer, surely there are more ingenious ways for you to be wished dead.

    Say for example dragged under a horse and carriage by a rope.

    Or even ....err...dont worry about it. LOL.
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    LOL" If I am unsubscribing to a list, usually my comments is simply 3 words " BORED 2 DEATH"

    I don't know what to write more.
    When you are joyous, look deep into your heart and you shall find it is only that which has given you sorrow that is giving you joy. When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight.
    --- Khalil Gibran
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