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Unsure if perhaps this should be in off-topic or not. Hopefully here is ok. Just a random question that had come to mind.

This question is for those that do their online work at home, part-time/full-time/hobby and have a spouse and/or kids.

How do you focus on your tasks at hand with others present in the work area?

Do you have a designed area you only work in that secludes you from others?
Do you only work on your stuff when no one is around?
A scheduled time frame?
Have some type of way to tune out the noise?

Im sure a fair amount of us that do our work, at times, may feel distracted by others being present in the home.

I know as for myself, it is a rare issue im getting distracted. I try and spend all my time with the spouse and it usually goes uninterrupted, but if someone has the tv on, it is a huge distraction. I have to relocate to a different room. Other than that, the spouse generally gets the idea I'm working on something and leaves me be, unless interested.

Im just curious and would like to hear how others deal with focusing on what they need to do.
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    1. Set a separate area of your house as your home office. It could just
    be a small nook in a corner of a larger room.

    2. Explain to your family and friends that when you are in your "office"
    you do not want to be disturbed. Many people have a preconceived
    idea that if one is working from home he/she is not really working.
    Don't let anyone think that.

    3. Schedule your time and be consistent. If you decide to be at your
    desk at 9am, be there. Don't start working at 11 am. Always dedicate
    a specific number of hours to your work day. Never work less than that.

    Just a few ideas
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    Oh! Yes, I can tell you: it is damn hard to work/create/write when there is a 4 or 5 year-old around! And if you also need to take care of is tough.
    I mostly try to work at night, when I am not too tired. I try to keep my private space, but it is not always possible. Schedule? Not all the time, but I try to finish my tasks before my kid comes home from kindergarden.
    Difficult, but not impossible :-)
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    I rent an office and work from there. It's a lot better because you create the perfect office environment without distractions. Depending on your country it can be cheap and viable or expensive. Good luck!

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