recently experienced a failed attempt at internet marketing

by NA5H3R
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Hey everyone,

I've recently experienced a failed attempt at intenet marketing, no point in moaning about it, im just moving on and learning from my mistakes and experience.

So I'm dropping everything i have done and setting up a new website in a niche i should have started with, my occupation, i want to learn everything about it, and get one of the best paid jobs doing it, this was staring me in the face! So next project is a wordpress website in my work niche, quality content and give aways to build a list, monotise that list, build large volumes of traffic, backlinks, and social followers etc. afilliate marketing, advertising, I want to build the largest authority site out there (over a few years obviously).

I need to get my domains registered now guys, as i said i want to build the largest wordpress authority website (hopefully, with hard work). I want a respectable, professional, and trustworthy domain name.

I am thinking of something like (occupation keyword) or the(occupation keyword)report was my favorite, can anybody help with any suffixes i can put in a domain name with my keyword to be the name of the website that will tell you 100% about anything to do with it, constant news blog posts, twitter etc. Allow people to get quotes for certain jobs, allow employers to recruit in the industry, teach you everything you need to do and should be doing in the several occupations i have in the niche.?

last advice i need is a domain registrar and hosting (in the UK only),

i need hosting that is good value for money, reliable, and easily allows me to install and set up wordpress,

i need a .com and (which is being bought to secure domain and redirect to the .com) from a UK reliable, gives me full control, no hidden adgendas, and easily allows me to host the domains on my chosen UK host.

Any advice, comments, reviews or reccomendations is massivley appreciated as i have found a gem of a niche because i should be doing it! and i am using a tablet which is crap to type this, has taken me fovever my arms going to drop off (sorry in advance for spelling mistakes)

finally thanks for you time and reading !
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    geez i really guess this is not too popular, 49 views 18 hours later anx still no responses?

    please help me out guys
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      Here are two sites for researching Domain names

      Domain Suggestion Tool -
      Domain Search - Domain Name Search - New Domain Search - Find Domain

      there are also sites where you can look up Expired domains. (The idea being that if somebody bought the domain it might be pretty good)

      I use Hostmonster for hosting. Not sure if they are available in UK

      Hope that helps


      If you can drive Biz Op Phone Calls .... I'm Buying

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      Heart Internet is an excellent UK hosting company. I use it myself and recommend it, and have seen other Warriors recommending it, also.

      If you want to rank well on searches made from, it will help you to use the domain for the site, rather than the .com (you're wise to buy the .com, too).

      Suffices are better than prefices, for domains-names (don't put "the" at the front: you want any extra letters/word to be after the keyword, not before). have won some independent UK industry awards for registrar services, but it doesn't matter whether your registrar is in the UK or not. Don't register and host a domain in the same place, though.
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    Forget about stuffing keywords in the domain.

    Register something brandable.

    BS free SEO services, training and advice - SEO Point

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      Originally Posted by John Romaine View Post

      Forget about stuffing keywords in the domain.

      Register something brandable.
      For a long-term authority content brand (like what you are suggesting, Ha5h3r), I agree with this advice. While exact-match domains, certainly, still have their place in today's online marketing game, brand building is the way of the future. Google has been pretty vocal about their preference of brands in SERPs, now and in the future. Not to mention, brand equity can be very powerful in terms of future leverage.

      As for your domain question, as part of my current case study, I wrote a pretty detailed article about choosing a domain name and my favorite place to register domains (Namecheap). Hopefully, it will spark your creativity and give you some things to consider that will help you decide on a winning domain name.

      Good luck.
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    Not sure about the domains, but i am very satisfied with my Hostgator account. Their customer service is out of this world if you ask me I don't think they're UK based though.
    They might be alittle price in the end but you get what you pay for.
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    Be careful how you go about SEO.. I know people who had a huge amount of niche sites.... and Google slapped them all down... And income was little to nothing!

    Don't put all your eggs in one basket regarding it.... Just my two cents

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    Originally Posted by tskailey View Post

    Tricky decision but good try. Next time try building up you reputation. Building reputation is a must in order to gain trust and patrons: http://nobodycaresaboutmyspam.
    Why are you dropping a link to your site in every post, nobody really cares about your spam.

    P.S. your link has been redirected by yours truly.

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