Ways to Avoid Failure

by Gail B
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1. Don't expect too much.
2. Plan.
3. Study your market.
4. Target your market - correctly.
5. Be unique!
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    I think failure is something you need to think about when you get started. Take into account the fact that it might not work from the first shot, and that you may need to try again and again several times. Thus, you will not get disappointed when things do not happen the way you planned, but you are not discouraged either.
    Then you need to try what Gail said above.
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    Originally Posted by Gail B View Post

    1. Don't expect too much.
    2. Plan.
    3. Study your market.
    4. Target your market - correctly.
    5. Be unique!
    You must expect a lot and work towards it, and fix the holes as you go along and eventually you'll get where you expect to be.
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    I agree with fcf360 #4 above. You should aim high.

    It's important to take action, focus and be consistant.

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    That's a bit of a silly question. Giving up is the only way to fail.

    Everything else is an opportunity to learn.

    It's okay to get things wrong if you learn form them, and improve.
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    Failure only happens if you give up... Other wise its a learning experience I've made so many marketing mistakes that its keeps me up at night sometimes, but if i let those mistakes keep me from my dreams then what would i be??

    A failer? Yes that's the right answer. however if i take my time and learn from my mistakes then there isn't any reason as to why i (or anyone) can succeed over time

    - Jonathan
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      I was gonna say something similar to the last two posts...you only fail when you stop trying.
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      Gail, your quick 5 points made me laugh.(in a good way).

      Don't get me wrong, but this is a very broad subject and its not just what you listed the solution to avoid failure. Plus you didnt explain your points. With all respect it would take pages to write about this topic.

      I try to summarize some important points:

      i suppose you are talking about failure as an online entrepreneur, or making money online right?

      There are many ways why you fail online. I think the #1 reason why people fail is their MIND/MINDSET.

      Lots of people struggle with mindset. More precisely the barriers that you create inside you. People make things harder than what they are, get stuck, overwhelmed, buying forever and NEVER take action.

      Let me give you an example; you buy course after course and instead of taking action based on what you read and learn, you decide to put it apart and buy another different course and decide to study the way a different "guru" made his fortune. You repeat this again and again, and again. You get distracted forever. This is called the next shiny thing syndrome and is one of the different ways people fail online.

      There are many others.

      As i mentioned previously your mind/mindset is the biggest reason why you are not making a killing online. You create your own mental barriers. You lack of confidence. You don't believe that you are able to make money online and come up with question after question that keeps you from starting an online business or making money online... forever. Questions like; "I'm nobody, why should people listen to me"? or.."i don't have any experience", "am i good enough"?, "why peope should pay for my products"? etc. etc. You get discouraged and frustrated everytime and seems impossible to get out from this vicious cycle.

      You have to work on your subconscious cause you probably know what to do and what you want to achieve, but on a subconscious level you dont wanna get out of the "comfort zone". You have to beat your fears and start taking MASSIVE action.

      Here's an example; you have taken the courses and read about ways to make money online. You understand what you need to do. Well, NOW, its time for you to break through your confidence barrier and really start making money online focusing on one method only. You gonna make one mistake or two, this is totally normal. Successful people did exactly the same, but your big advantage is that they have given you a roadmap after they made the mistakes. So learn their success and reproduce it. This is the key to succeed. Study the successful people cause they even tell you what mistakes to watch out for.

      Your chance at success is much higher than theirs was when they first started out.

      Another big problem is called "analysis paralysis". People get stuck with this mental barrier of not being able to make a decision. They overthing/over analyze something and get stuck and never take action.

      This might be picking one guru's method over another. Or it might be trying to link the main parts of your online business together. Or it could be you have too much information to sift through.

      Then there's procrastination and i could go on forever.
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    @ Devid Farah

    Good post...as I read this I was thinking "analysis paralysis"....I have struggled with this myself...I over came that but still have to be on guard I don't fall into old habits.

    I am thinking about writing about this myself. I think it is a very real danger that can cripple you.
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    #1. If you don't EXPECT much...

    ...you won't GET much in return.

    If you set your sights higher...you
    may be surprised what you'll find.

    #2. If you spend your days planning
    your life away...

    ...you'll be planning until the day
    you die and NEVER get anything done.

    #3. If you study your market...you
    have better ODDS of success...but it
    is certainly not fail-proof.

    You could be wrong. And if you can't
    accept that. You're done for.

    #4. You can target your market...

    ...but you could be completely off

    #5. Be unique?

    There's nothing unique about what I

    I just like doing what *works*...and
    what *works* makes me money.

    So you decide...
    **How I FLIPPED $80 into $690 Pure Profit With ONE EASY Method...2 to 3x Per Week...Only 30 Minutes Per Day (and how YOU can COPY my RESULTS, too!) **CLICK HERE FOR VERIFIED VIDEO PROOF**
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