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by maxp76
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Hello everybody,
I dont know if you could help me due to the language, but I'm helping a friend of mine to increase conversions into her site.
The site is Stile e Stili
The site in about men's style, and offers both free products and paid products.
It has a lot of visitors (for me ) about 700-800 people a day.
The problem is that too few people subscribe to the free ebbok, and less more buy something.. less that 0.5 pc ...
All the traffic come from Organic Search.
In my opinion, I think there's not a clear CTA to capture the visitor, and there're too much resources on the sidebar..
Also, what do you think about putting a strong CTA at the end of the posts?
Something like "Subscribe now to get .... ----> "
Thanks for any answer
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    Well... as a man who likes to dress stylish etc... An ebook wouldn't interest me so much.. I would need something more compelling to make me opt in!

    To opt in... it has to be more interesting...How about try and capture them with some PUA ebook? (Pick up artist)/Get girls... Or Fitness? offer a few things...?

    I'd look into why these people are looking for style advice? Maybe get some CPA on there too?

    Good luck!

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      Hello Craig, and thanks for your reply.
      The ebook is called "how to become an attractive man in 4 steps" and the heading is "discover the secrets of style and communication to become more attractive"
      Maybe a more aggressive title could make the difference?
      E.g. "find more pxxxy for Saturday night!!" ?

      ** The Offline Marketer :) **

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    You should have something like

    "Get a free consultation to look best for a certain event"

    "Subscribe to our list and get a chance to get "Oxford Semi Brogue dark brown" free

    "Get 50% off on shoes by simply filling the form below."

    A pt-in form will be much better as compared to a ebook.
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    You may try to put some interesting story that they can relate to on your lead capture page.

    Then continue the story with your follow up email.
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    Mmhh... We could try to give away an infoproduct to everybody that signup to the newsletter...
    We dont have any phisical product..
    One thing that it's missed is some feedbacks from clients... I think that I could put a page with them...

    ** The Offline Marketer :) **

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