Is it possible to sell my amazon account with cash in it?

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I am in africa and i cant wait to recieve my amazon cash as i need urgent cash to take care of bills. i thought i would get paid this month (april) only for them to mail me that my money will be added to next month making it $1900 for next months payment.

I wanted to withdraw with a friends account in the USA, i have $1900 that will be paid on may 1st. Maybe i didnt input the details well that was why i was not paid or maybe they requested for tax id which i didnt fill because i was using my friends details in usa. I have already selected check and planned to receive to my normal address here but it will take extra time to clear my check.

i still have $135 made last month and another $32 for this month, generally $2060+. $1900 to be paid next month and $135 to be paid next two months.

Is it possible i sell my account for instant cash and hand the person the amazon account and email address as well?

I really need the money to re-invest and do other things. Please advice
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