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I am seeing where the Health and Fitness market maybe taking off...
I have a question for you guys. I currently get a good amount of visitors at How to Make a Million dollars but almost all of my reviews are based on things to help other people make money..

In order to dive into the Health and fitness reviews.. should I start a new website? or run reviews there with good keywords?

thank you in advance
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    In my opinion start a new website. putting yourself in your customer shoes you wont want to buy anything that advertise weight loss but has his website full with IM stuff
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      How much does Internet Marketing have to do with Health and Fitness?

      Unless you're going to relate the two topics together and advertise to the Health Conscious IM niche...then they'll need to be two different sites.
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    If you start a new website completely dedicated to the industry that you are promoting, google will like that and so will your customers
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    thank you guys.. that is what I was debating. I plan to start another website and work on reviews based under Health and fitness.. so the site name will relate to that industry..
    I appreciate the replies!
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      Originally Posted by 1dollarto1million View Post

      thank you guys.. that is what I was debating. I plan to start another website and work on reviews based under Health and fitness.. so the site name will relate to that industry..
      I appreciate the replies!
      You got it. Start it as a new project.
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    And, because your site has some age to it (the original one) it will be easy to occasionally link from the Wifes Corner to the new site as one way links.

    It's a great market to be in - just be sure you create a site that is specific and yet broad enough to be able to create content and reviews for it every week. For instance, creating a site around one product is too specific but creating a site around the broad niche of just health is way too big.
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    I'd start afresh! New site, new domain, new everything! Make it fun! Grow it and make $$$

    Good luck!

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    Definitely start a new site.
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      Bumping 2 things on the same website is not a good idea any way. Content of the web site should be associated with its domain name. It is good to have 2 or more websites for different projects as you can place links or banners of your other websites on them or even write a short review on your other project. But do not make a one huge mix of every thing. People do not like when it is too complicated.

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    Health and fitness is totally different from internet marketing.

    In this market you have to show to your readers that they can really trust your products. Your website must be serious and inspire confidence.

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    Absolutely you would.

    How would you like a site that talks about health and fitness, when you're looking for how to make money, or vice versa?

    Only if these areas are related would you do it all from one site. Now I suspect that you're currently only discussing making money, so that would confuse your visitors, right?

    Personally though, I would stay with your existing site, and make that successful, as it doesn't get the visitors that it could be doing if you improved your skills.
    Otherwise you run the risk of spreading yourself too thinly and having two sites that make no sales, and cost you to run them. Get one working, until you understand the process, then repeat in the new site.

    Martin Platt

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    Build a new website or create a review. Both are great things to do but for my own suggestion, just build a new website to make it a one shot!
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