Do I really need a webside

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Newbie how can i get started here. I need some help.Anyone?
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    Stick around for a while and do some reading here... your post is a VERY broad question that one can't answer in a reply here... it would take soooo much that it would be all unnecessary...

    You need to find your vision


    Bare Murkage.........

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    i think at first u read this forum at list 1 week. then u will know what u want.
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      Yes, come here to the forum every other day, read, learn, have fun. A newbie do not need a website to generate some income, but in the long run it is a necessity.
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        Short answer is NO, you don't need a website. Plenty of people do affiliate marketing using places like Squidoo and such.

        That being said. Having a wbesite and domain that you can promote and build backlinks to is the goal. The good news is that you don't have to spend too much.

        I can get a coupon for Namecheap and get a domain for eight and a half bucks. I use hostgator reseller hosting to I pay 24 bucks a month which host all of my sites but if you really want to go cheap you can get shared hosting accounts for 3 to 6 bucks a month all day long. As for building the website, just go with Wordpress which is free.

        Everyone is right though. Just spend some time on the forum. Take your time. Don't think that you will be up to speed in just a few days. IM is pretty easy in a lot of ways but at the same time it can be overwhelming just because there are so many related disciplines that factor in.

        The great news is that you really are at the same place. You can get an absolutely free, fantastic education here.

        Gluck and if you need anything don't hesitate to ask.
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          It's always best to have your own website to centralize your efforts, and more importantly, to get subscribers in on all of the action.
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            I have recently posted a series of artciles on my blog about exactly this!
            Go read my blog and there are several articles about the pros and cons of affiliate marketing, both with and without your own website!

            I think you'll find the info very handy and will be in a more informed place to make a good decision about what you actually want to do!
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              I agree that reading the forum and gathering all nformation you need is beneficial before starting a website.

              I actually tried to start a website before I was directed to this forum. Learned my lessons!

              I am learning now on how to make the website better. At the same time, I went to blogger to start blogging, since it's free and you got to learn different ways that this forum suggests/offers!
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