Who buys more in fat loss niche, women or mens?

by gil12
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thanks alot guys!
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    Do your own research...? Both buy, women buy diet, so do men, men also buy how to tone their body, women like a flat stomach. Instead of asking loads, why not do your own research and when your actually stuck, then ask?
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    Lee hit the nail on the head - AND who buys more will depend upon exactly WHAT you are selling. When you do that research you'll also be able to more accurately target your marketing strategies - not only to gender, but also marketing channels - like media buying, social networking, forums or content syndication.
    Content, Video, Infographics in the lucrative relationship market

    Accurate, Researched and REFERENCED
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      The "conventional wisdom" (though that isn't always correct!) is certainly that about 80% of weight-loss products are bought by women. I don't really understand how anyone can measure this reliably, online, though.
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    Most probably women but then I am pretty sure that men are buying too but aren't saying! You could target Men's Belly Fat and add some Abs CB product to it! After all, we hear about 6 packs all the time! Women are traditionally more "at ease" about their weight issues -- I know it's an ugly term and should be more something like weight-related health issues! Anyway, with the summer ( if summer there is) coming, you shouldn't neglect any of them! I am a guy and I know lots of guys who "go to gym" to "train" when in reality it's to lose weight! So, there we go! Myth dispelled lol!

    Fat loss also affects children, so maybe you could look into this as well! Children's obesity!

    My $0,02

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    Mostly women but don't ignore the male market (abs, belly fat, man boobs) which is quite significant too.
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    Women are more beauty conscious than man and fat is a enemy to them. So far I can say from my experience, women buys more fat loss products than men.
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    Majority for women's, they are more conscious about what they look (being fat). Men's doesn't care about it but not all.
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