For Newbies to Blogging - Top WP Plugins List

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There's lots of questions about blogging and WordPress on this forum.

Most people are not using their WP site to it's full potential.

I compiled a nice little list of the best plugins that will

Here is a great list of WordPress Plugins that you can and should use on your blog.

All In One SEO
Type of plugin : SEO/Site Optimizer.

This plugin is no stranger among WP users. It has all you need to optimize each page and single post on your blog for better SEO. If you're planning on doing SEO on your site than this is the plugin you should definitely use. It's rated #1 SEO plugin for WordPress and it's great for those who have no clue about SEO but still want their site to perform well in the search engines.

Type of plugin : Blogging/Comment Moderation.

Very handy plugin specially when you just not a big fan of spam and all those non-sense comments you might get from some clever spam bots. Akismet screens any dubious
comments posted on your blog, allowing you to review them before they go live. With Akismet, you're protected from desperate link builders and malicious posters who want to erode what you've worked hard to build.

Google XML Sitemap
Type of plugin : Sitemap Builder.

Great little plugin to help you optimize your inner workings of your site. This is the plugins that is recommended by most of the top SEO experts and it has a positive impact on your search rankings. Really easy to setup. Once set, your sitemap will be automatically build everyday.

Contact Form 7
Type of plugin : Contact Form Generator.

Simple and flexible plugin that will help you to generate and manage all of your contact and information submit forms on your site. Can be easily used for marketing purposes as-well as for simple "contact us" form. This plugin is highly customizable and can even let your visitors easily submit files like images, videos or pdf contracts directly to your inbox. This plugin is used by most WP users for the "Contact Us" page.

Get Social
Type of plugin : Social Sharing.

Great plugin for letting your visitors easily share your content. I use it myself on all of my blogs and it works like a charm. Easily setup which social networks you want your visitors to be able to share your content on and you can customize the look and position of the plugin. Can be set just to appear on posts, pages and even homepage. Great plugin to use to engage with your visitors and even get traffic from social networks.

Backup Buddy
Type of plugin : WordPress Backup/Restoration/Migration.

This plugin has three main features and implements it all quite well: backup your data, restore it when you need it and migrate your site to another server. It also integrates itself with a lot of other applications, such as DropBox and Rackspace, to improve its functionality. In addition, the latest version that rolled out now offers multi-site support as well.

W3 Total Cache
Type of plugin : Utility.

Simple plugin that allows users to cache the site's pages, enabling faster load times and less CPU and bandwidth usage. This plugin makes visitor browsers save up your page data so that they won't have to load entire pages in their next visits. The result is a smoother experience that your audience is sure to appreciate.

Facebook Comments For WordPress
Type of plugin : Facebook Integration.

Easily integrates the Facebook commenting system directly into your site. Any users logged into Facebook while viewing a comment enabled post or article can immediately leave a comment using their Facebook profile. It has a lot of adjustable features for those who want to customize its look, such as setting the number of viewable comments, compatibility with the default WordPress comments, Facebook and WordPress email notifications whenever something is posted and more.

Easy AdSense
Type of plugin : Google AdSense Integration.

This plugin offers users an easy way to implement their online ads across their site. It strategically places the ads across each page while enforcing the Google policy of having three ads blocks per page. The interface is quite simple so even novice users with little knowledge of Google AdSense can easily integrate this plugin on their site.

Follow Widget
Type of plugin : Social Profiles Integration.

Follow Widget displays image links (icon buttons) to various subscription services and social networking sites on your page. It helps users find links to subscription services like RSS feeds, email subscriptions, podcasts, etc. It can also follow the website's Facebook and Twitter pages and connect directly to these sites.

Social Media Widget
Type of plugin : Social Profiles Integration.

Similar to Follow Widget, "Social Media Widget" is an easy way to display icons linking to your social profiles anywhere on the site. Many different icon types and sizes.

Installation :
To install any plugin simply go to your Dashboard.

On the left side menu click on Plugins and > Add New.

Type the plugin name in the search box and than simply hit install.

Once installed you will be able to customize the plugin directly in your dashboard menu.

Hope you like this neat little guide and
Make sure you hit the "thanks" button if you love this list.
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    I would also ad bulletproof security and login lockdown. Also for cloning and backup the free 'Duplicator' plugin WordPress › Duplicator « WordPress Plugins this works good for cloning a a WP instal or moving a site.

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    I like Split Tester Pro (paid, but awesome) and Link Cloaking. Great thread BTW.

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      Originally Posted by joaquin112 View Post

      I like Split Tester Pro (paid, but awesome) and Link Cloaking. Great thread BTW.
      Yep. I use Link Cloaking on all of my blogs. It's easy to get short links & track them also.

      I lie on marketing forums. Social media is for fun, pics & hook ups.

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    I use one called Quick Adsense, but it's not just for adsense. It will insert things into posts at specific points (say you want to insert an ad just before the 3rd paragraph for example) or as widgets. you can put in any code, I've used it to put any affiliate links in particular places, mini squeeze etc. makes it easier for me.

    Also, Cookie Law Info is useful for UK (and European?) cookie law and helps with getting some love from google. Can't recall the specific terms but maybe someone else can explain that a bit better!

    Hope that helps
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    I prefer Wordpress SEO by Yoast over All-In-One-SEO it has more capabilities and the title/meta preview option is sweet.
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    This is a great list I'm going to incorporate some of these in the sites that I make to give them a boost. Thanks Buddy.

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    I would add Wordpress SEO by Yoast , WP-insert and WordPress Backup to Dropbox
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    Not a bad list

    Andy Jenkins done a Top 100 Wordpress Plugins For Internet Marketing at the end of last year and that covered quite a nice useful list of things.
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    • Profile picture of the author IMStrategus
      Originally Posted by Shaolinsteve View Post

      Not a bad list

      Andy Jenkins done a Top 100 Wordpress Plugins For Internet Marketing at the end of last year and that covered quite a nice useful list of things.
      Yep. His list is quite nice as-well.

      I lie on marketing forums. Social media is for fun, pics & hook ups.

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        Great list! I also like to use Google XML Sitemaps to generated updated sitemaps on wordpress blogs.
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    This came in handy, at the right time. 'thanks givin'

    If this post was useful please show your appreciation by hitting the THANKS button. ----- Right here V

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