Think You are a "Newbie"? Don't Stress - Here's why

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Why we are ALL newbies... just in different ways.

I've had a few thoughts on one perspective about why we are all newbies, and IMHO it's all a matter of context.

And I hope it helps to make new, and hopeful, Internet marketers a little more comfortable...

In various blog posts and directory submissions I, and, others, have suggested to Internet marketing newbies that they should spend time - a lot of time - researching markets to find out where the people in their niche spend time.

Stating the obvious? Probably

Here's the thing though... because the Internet and its associated marketing structures are forever changing one way or another, we all need to keep on top of research. I'll take research as an example

If the market place was static, we could spend a finite amount of time doing niche research (for example) then that would be it, job done!

It's not like that though, so every for every "newbie" that sighs at the prospect of having to do research (research still pains me - probably always will), and yet more research, I hope it will be of comfort to you that even the most successful Internet marketers conduct ongoing marketing research, often doing it themselves because they understand the importance of it.

I've been active a while now, and know that I have to keep an eye on my "research" duties. When am undertaking a new program and approach that demands a few extra hours of research, I usually feel like a newbie all over again.

Is it boring? - Yes, usually

Is it necessary? - Yes, absolutely.

But frankly, it's rather more productive to set aside a few hours and do it myself because my thought process evolves as I go long and get deeper into it; can you imagine the process of constantly updating and re-advising an outsourcer for every change of thought or every different perspective you have?

My thought-coma throws up different angles of how to develop and approach my research, and each time this happens I become a newbie Internet marketer again... at that particular point of the research process, because it is new to me. In other words once you're conquered one aspect of Internet marketing as a newbie, there's the next aspect, then the next, and so on.

Does this illustrate that in different ways, we are all experiencing those "newbie" feelings? So just like research, being newbie is a constantly developing, and evolving mind-set.

To those newbies who are new to the whole IM business, I hope this gives you a bit of a different perspective - and hope.

Just my 2c

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    I'm just joking . What you're saying is what I've always said. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. What I'm good at the next guy may know nothing about and viceversa. Learning is an on going always growing experience.

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    Thanks so much for this insight and I completely agree. Things are everchanging so in order to keep up with everything you have to continue to research and learn. I have read so many things that say don't just keep studying, but I disagree with that. You do need to take action, but if you want to keep up, you do have to continue to learn the new stuff.
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    Well said!
    We're all newbies at something, it's not possible to be a master of all trades.

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