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Hi guys,
Today i started to use 7networks as an advertiser. After spenting 6 bucks my account went in temporary hold status supposed because that my paypal account need to be verbally validated, well i dont know what they mean with this statement. What i know is that my paypal account has been validated for more then 5 years, so i dont know what is this, probably a scheme to rip me off.
If these morons got paid in advance and my paypal account has been validated without any claim for more then 5 years at least i sincerely dont understand.
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    What is this 7networks ? Haven't heard of it ? Another make money online website ?
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      In your headling you refer to 7Search, yet below you say 7Networks. Which is it???
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        Sorry is 7search.
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        No fear Morg. They will call you to verify its you. SOP for them. Target your keywords and subjects carefully.

        If I was making 6 figures why the heck would I need your $17

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          Ok thanks.
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    They call me in 2 day for verify account.
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      Originally Posted by joseph7384 View Post

      Why is it that people always think that when an issue arises, they are being ripped off. Do you really think that if they were trying to rip you off, they would have stopped at six bucks.:confused::rolleyes:
      I dont know why do you have this behavior, but IF i prepaid they owe me their service. If they have stopped servicing they have the balance on their side without any reason.
      So to me they should used the balance until it gets exausted, its how every provider works.
      I dont care if they stop at $1 buck or $10.000 bucks , to me its a stop, and a stop is a loss.

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    I am glad more people are doing this. I would rather they put a hold on the account after $6 instead of me finding out the whole account had been depleted.

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    Its not that.
    I have prepaid. So the funds are over there and they have stopped servicing. The paypal account is verified. Not even adwords do this.
    Now what will call validation will validate? Lets say their worries are about the paypal account beeing hacked. If its hacked, the hacker will change the phone number.... So he will answer instead of the owner.
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    Did you sign up with an email different from your paypal one?

    I did and they ask me to verify albeit by the paypal email.
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      No, i did registered with my paypal email address as i normally do.
      what i dont like its to be loosing money each minute the campaign is on hold.
      And the support should very quickly to solve these matters. Because to me i have cash in a provider that does not delivers as it should.
      Now waiting 48 hours to have a call, this is working well goshhhhhhhhhhhh. If my clients had a SLA of 48 hours i would be out of business right now.
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