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As an affiliate promoting products, would you rather
1) Promote a free offer (squeeze) and get paid commissions on the one time offer
2) Promote the paid product(sales page) directly
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    As an affiliate, I'm certainly not sending any of my traffic to any kind of sales page from which the vendor/merchant can get access to my subscribers' email addresses before I've earned my commission.

    That's just what we call in the trade a "leaky sales page".

    When I'm looking at potential products to promote, as an affiliate, anything with a "free trial"/"free offer" where they don't give payment details at the time of the order is an immediate "no", without looking further.

    I wouldn't think (m)any serious, pro-affiliates (i.e. the ones whom vendors want and need) are going to be willing to do that, surely? That's pretty much a huge "no-no", in affiliate marketing. Unless I've completely misunderstood the question? It wouldn't be the first time ...

    I know you're not necessarily thinking of "ClickBank", but the reasoning is all here: http://www.warriorforum.com/main-int...oduct-opt.html

    (It's one of these things where "poll figures" tend to conceal the fact that typically 5% of affiliates make about 95% of affiliate-referred sales. A poll in which you could somehow weigh/monitor the affiliates' opinions according to their commercial performance would be interesting and perhaps a little more instructive! ).
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    I'd rather promote the paid offer directly to avoid any potential problems with tracking.

    Also, what Alexa posted is another very good reason why I'd go with option 2.
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    I'd generally go with a paid offer sales page also. While I am working on a free product that centers around list building, it would enable other marketers to use the 'info' to build their list, not mine. Naturally, there's an underlying motive of mine to create 'other' products that are not free, and offer affiliates the ability to promote via a direct sales page and with other affiliate tools. So, in that regard, my (unfinished) free product is strictly to build credibility, offer value, and if well received... will hopefully benefit all parties involved. (i.e. affiliates, the end user, and Yours Truly, lol).

    I think it's unheard of to promote (send traffic) to a free 'affiliate product' directly to a vendors squeeze page, but if you're referring to them supplying you the ability to give-a-way a 'sneak peak' to build credibility that the 'paid' product is good, and the vendor's affiliate tools allow you (not the vender) the ability to build your own list by giving a 'sample' away, (like that of a mini eCourse...) then, I see no problem testing these methods for conversions, against sending visitors to the paid product sales page. In most cases, giving away FREE stuff, attracts, non buyers... sad but true.

    You give something away for free, people expect more for free. You build a buyers list, you know they are willing to 'invest' in the niche you are promoting.

    I think Alexa's response refers to you sending visitors to the 'vendor's' squeeze page, which in turn is 'giving away' your list. I agree, not a good practice.

    PS - I am referring to quality products that let you see what you're getting before you buy, like AWebers $1 trial, or free 7-day trial of Sparkol (or VideoScribe) ... so people can try it before they buy it type of thing. But I agree, even then, if that free offer requires your visitors to give their email, (which many do) - that is NOT a good habit to get into.
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    I'd rather just make the money myself. I'd create my own product, and sell to my list directly.

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      Why someone would buy something if there is a free option?
      In order to make money you need to make a sale. What I do, I offer people to buy from me and if this goes no where I let them have a free one. Ususlly after trying free one they still buying the one I sell because they see the quality of the free one.

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