My Confession Diary: Lesson 1 About Failures - Whatever you do is for Good

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"I SHOULDN'T HAVE DONE THIS" we usually say complaining about our failures in whatever we do for the first time. Propensity to negative thinking is in our very nature and you have to admit it. We live in the world where we are constantly under high pressure of people who would not care about us but love the idea of judging us for what we have done and who we are. But who are we if not creators, builders, inventors and... learners. We learn how to make the world to be a better place, a happier place. A place where we all would love to live in.

I confess that I used to be that person myself who would treat failures in new beginnings as fate. I used to be that kind of person for a very long time until I learned a very important lesson about... LEARNING FROM YOUR MISTAKES (Note: I will write more about how I got to learn this important lesson in my next article - keep updated!).

Every one of us has learned a lesson from touching a boiling kettle - your finger gets burned and you feel pretty miserable at that time. So to speak, I accidentally touched a boiling kettle several times when I was a child but it helped me to build a steady reflex to not touch hot surfaces with bare fingers.
The moral of this little story is not that I was ignorant enough to make the same mistake several times but rather about something more important: Every failure inevitably leads to SUCCESS :rolleyes:.
I touched the kettle - FAIL!

I learned how it hurts - a LESSON;

I now never touch the surface of a boiled kettle but rather hold it with the handle attached to it - HAPPY!
Although I use electric kettles these days instead of these hot metal ones, I still carry this small but important lesson about learning from mistakes. "But how is this story related to building your online business?" you may ask. Let me tell you how:

To learn how to run you have to learn how to walk first.

To learn how to win you have to learn how to lose first.

To start earning online you have to take a few lessons from someone who has actually experienced a lot of failure in establishing himself as a SUCCESSFUL ONLINE MARKETER but has taken lessons from it and learned how to DO THINGS RIGHT.

As for me, I have met a great person, Vick Strizheus, the founder of the Big Idea Mastermind Academy, who has become a friend and a mentor to me. Vick helped me to establish myself as a marketer and is going to give me the means to earn THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS ONLINE (just imagine me speaking it out loud - the capital letters are the only way to express my excitement in written form).

I spent years learning how to make money online and most of them where simply failures. However, the more persistent I was in achieving my goals, the better results I was getting until I caught a big success when I met Vick and discovered Bid Idea Mastermind. Just to say, in terms of being persistent I am quite stubborn - I have never given up on my dream to be able to live the life I always wanted, and now I just cannot believe that I'm actually living my dream life thanks to Big Idea Mastermind and its great marketing tools.

Since I went through all the way from failing in online business to living a joyful life, I would like to share this system with YOU just like Vick opened his masterpiece of a new online marketing to me. However, If you would prefer rather to learn from your own mistakes, I can't blame you for that as it seems quite reasonable to me. However, it would seem more reasonable for me to share my knowledge with you and guide you step by step to become a successful ONLINE MARKETER and help you to earn some money - you just name the number of zeros you want on your paycheck.

As always - Be prosperous, and have a Perfect Day!

Shafina Zahra,
Online Marketer and Blogger
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    Bad move. The last thing you want to do is come in here and have one of your first few post being some long sob story with links in the article. You're going down a dangerous road . Don't say I didn't warn you.

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