Can you have two Paypal business accounts in US and AU?

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I didn't see any other forum specific to business questions so hopefully it's ok if I ask this here.

I am from the US and am living in AU. Currently all my banking is still in the US. US bank account and debit card, US PayPal business account etc.

Though the foreign bank fees for using my debit card here or withdrawing from ATMs is really high. So for that and other reasons I'll be opening a local bank account here.

Though since I don't have permanent residence here and a US bank account I assume I'm allowed to keep my US PayPal account. Though would I be allowed to open another AU PayPal account or would that get me in trouble with them?

I understand I could only have one business account and one personal or premiere account, so basically you're limited to 2 accounts. My question is if it'd be a problem if those 2 different types of accounts you have are in different countries?

I ask cause I can't transfer money from my US PayPal account to an AU bank account, and I want to be able to transfer to both accounts.

I suppose maybe Paypal allows AU account holders to transfer to US bank accounts?

Are there any real benefits in keeping a US PayPal and US bank account when living overseas? Not sure what ends up costing the most as far as currency exchanges and foreign fees etc, it gets so complicated.

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    I would recommend you ask Paypal. I love in Australia and I work for many clients in the US and other countries but my one account covers everything.
    It's best to ask Paypal rather than get info that may be wrong.

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    Two accounts is not a problem if they are separate businesses. I think the problem you will likely run into is having two accounts that are in different countries. Obviously it doesn't make sense that one person would be in two places at the same time so that sort of activity would probably be a little high risk for Paypal.

    I would call them and explain the exact situation because you do not want to go ahead and open a second account and end up losing both of your accounts. Always best to ask first. I am sure you are not the first person in this type of situation but I can see why Paypal would think it a little high risk for them and that's why I suggest calling them before doing anything.
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