How to find and sell clickbank products?

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Hi guys

Over the past few month I have researched, researched and researched.
I know think that I hold sufficient knowledge to START, I'm not a pro by any means, but I want to give it a go.

Before I begin, I would like to say that:
*I have no site;
*I have no list, or list building accounts ( Awebber etc );
*I have a very limited budged, I'm a student

The purpose of this is to make a little bit of money, it doesn't have to be hundreds or thousand. I just want to prove to myself that it works.

So what I would like help with is how to find a good Clickbank product, something that will sell. I will probably sell something in the language (spanish) industry as I've taught myself spanish over the past few years and I've heard its best to have some knowledge in the niche you are selling to.

After I have found my product, how do I sell it? Direct affiliate link?
I've heard its good to have you own site to sell your products on, but what I don't understand is how you can create a whole site around ONE product. Because when it comes to selling another product it will just create more work for yourself.
So please could you give me some ideas on how to promote the product I'm selling.

P.S if you mention a strategy (e.g list buidling ) could you please post a link to a discussion where I can learn a bit more about that strategy.

Thanks a lot to everyone!
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    Originally Posted by LukeHoweth View Post

    How to find and sell clickbank products?
    How to select them:

    How to promote them (the three inescapable essentials, one already covered by the link above):

    Originally Posted by LukeHoweth View Post

    *I have no site;
    You need to change that (but don't necessarily need much money at all, to do so).

    Originally Posted by LukeHoweth View Post

    *I have no list, or list building accounts ( Awebber etc );
    You need to change that (and will need $15/$19 per month, from the second month, to pay for GetResponse or Aweber - just as examples. Don't try to use a "free autoresponder" for this.)

    Originally Posted by LukeHoweth View Post

    *I have a very limited budged, I'm a student
    So am I. I was when I started, too. I spent between $50 and $100. If you don't have that, you're going to have to use free hosting to start, which is pretty inadvisable and terribly inconvenient, though possible).

    Originally Posted by LukeHoweth View Post

    The purpose of this is to make a little bit of money, it doesn't have to be hundreds or thousand. I just want to prove to myself that it works.
    Funnily enough, all the myriad ways that don't work tend not to work at all, and literally produce no income. Whereas the ways that work tend to be scalable to the extent that you can do quite well with them. I'm not suggesting it's an "all or nothing" thing, but there's a lot of detail involved, and a big learning curve. I liken it to a hurdle race: you have to clear every hurdle (whether neatly or clumsily) for it to work at all. But if it works at all, it's actually very little extra distance to make it work well and consistently.

    The line between "big success" and "total failure", in this context, can sometimes be an almost invisible one.

    Originally Posted by LukeHoweth View Post

    I will probably sell something in the language (spanish) industry as I've taught myself spanish over the past few years and I've heard its best to have some knowledge in the niche you are selling to.
    It's often an advantage, yes. But be very careful with the products in that niche. I understand that selecting them - as an affiliate - is far from trivial.

    Originally Posted by LukeHoweth View Post

    P.S if you mention a strategy (e.g list buidling ) could you please post a link to a discussion where I can learn a bit more about that strategy.

    Other than the "three fundamentals of promoting ClickBank products" linked to above, the exact details of how you should go about doing this - and especially how you get your traffic - are going to depend on your own skill-set. What worked well for me might not be your own best approach at all, but if it helps, it's here:

    My last point: wherever your traffic is coming from, personally, I'd advise you not to put too much of your time and effort into trying to attract "organic SERP's" traffic, for two main reasons: first, it's very precarious and makes your business Google-dependent, and any business that's Google-dependent is no more than one algorithm-change away from a potential accident (or even a potential disaster), as so many Warriors have been finding out over the last year or two, some of them to their very great cost; secondly, for me, search engine traffic has been uniformly the worst-converting traffic out of everything I've ever tried in 8 entirely different niches over the whole of the last 4 years - search engine visitors to all my websites typically stay the least time, view the fewest pages, opt in the least often and actually buy anything by far the least often. I admit I do get tons of search engine traffic to all my main sites (because high rankings for multiple keywords happen to be a minor side-benefit of the main targeted traffic-generation method I use to build my business) but I'd certainly hate to have to make a living just from that traffic, and I wouldn't even be cursing too much if Google de-indexed all my sites this afternoon.

    "SEO traffic" and "ClickBank products", overall, don't mix well (and there are reasons for that). :p
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    If you are looking to sell affiliate products through Clickbank, look for a product that has moderate Gravity. Maybe between 50 and 125 or so. That means the product is selling regularly but there is still room for a new smaller player such as yourself. At the same time look for something that interests you. I'm saying find yourself a niche that you can be interested in personally.

    You will only need an Aweber account if you have something to offer the prospect. If you pick a product on Clickbank, you might want to offer a related free product such as a PLR product as an incentive to joining your list.

    Now the hard part is driving traffic to your page. There are tons of reasonably priced WSOs out there that can explain the many ways of driving traffic.

    An example of a recent WSO that is truly solid is Austin Anthony's Affiliate Passive Commissions. Unfortunately, it is closed right now but says it will be re-opening soon.

    Obviously, you are a bit overwhelmed at the moment. You should definitely find some WSOs that pertain to affiliate marketing and get a grasp of it and just get going on it, make mistakes and don't repeat them.

    Best o' luck.
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    Well, Alexa's responses (the links) are the ones I read and grown up on this forum. He might not have much time to write long stories now so Let me put some from my part.

    For me promoting clickbank products without any pre-sell stuff (Site/blog/video/article/emails) etc didn’t worked out ..which makes me think that these products are much of needs a pre-sale warm up which first builds trust and then helps buyer to convince that this product does work.

    I always had a better convert rate and less CPC when sending the traffic to my review page rather then sending directly (I am a adwords certified guy so I know what can effect my CPC ) to the sales page with my affiliate link. Few products simply didn't made any sale when sent the traffic to sales page directly with super relevent keywords but as a split test result when directed the traffic throug a review page, i was able to get 45% more on my investment .

    For you, without a website I can suggest that pre-selling can be done in many ways.. Let me put something which i tried myself and worked for me...some of them will need a website some will not.

    1. A Review of the product : the most common one . you simply write a review of the product (Use it yourself first) and then at the end directs the user to the vendor site to know more about what is in for them.

    Few things You have to keep in mind while writing a review or story type is

    1. Make sure the site does not sound like made for the sake of reviewing the product. It should more like a normal blog where a normal human being is telling how this product helped him. While its not what a large majority of marketers does but for me its proven to have better conversion rates then using a standalone site just for that product.

    2. Your review should no where sound like a selling pitch , rather it should be a normal product information. Leave the selling thing to the Product vendor. If his sales page is not good Leave it and move on. (Unless you can write a better one, in that case write a sales page on another domain, ask the vendor to give you a direct link to payment page).

    3. put your Author bio along with a profile pic somewhere on the review page (In Sidebar) . Does not matter whether you belong to india or you are black. if you provide quality your look does not matter but it does builds a trust that this guy is for real.

    4. DO NOT put that product banners or Ads on your review page as advertiser spouncer or any of that sort. it simply tell a visitor that the review is not for real but a made up thing. Happans all the time. If you do, dont cry later on that your page does not convert well or simply the product does not work. its your mistake.

    You dont need a website to do this type of review to start can use a clean blogspot sub-domain for this. Once you make few sales go for a new domain and owned website. it will be a toally worthy investment.

    2. A Product Comparison: Another way to promote clickbank or affiliate products are the comparison. You take few products from a niche,put them side by side and compares them. gives your recommendation and value for money for each of them. For one of my comparision sites I was promoting 3 guides for a popular game and it gave me lots of cash. Most people end up buying one of other guide. At that time I was new so didn’t had any tracking to measure the sales process . That Traffic came from PPC and converted like gold and I was happy.. Again few points I will suggest you to remember while doing a comparison bases review.

    1. it should be a Review. Not a sales page. The same rule applies here as well. You dont need a copyrighting ninja to write it for you.

    2. Check the products yourself and give ratings to them.

    3. You can use a product specific domain or site in this case. since you are comparing more than one product, you can put sidebar ads and put it as a recommendation. these type of sites usually smells like a made for product site so its OK to be shady as long as you are giving the review correctly and the information they need.

    4. having few blog posts releted to that topic or niche as blog posts does help a little. Not too much but not too less as well. Worth the time. (You can simply coppy paste the articles vendor gives you and no follow- no index it. In my case i usally dont depend on Search engine traffic so i dont mind simply copying pasting as it is.

    3. Video review : Another great money maker and You dont even need a website for this. You can grab the video from the vendor (Most of them have it) and edit it to make it yours. Or do a review yourself if you dont mind coming infront of camera. Few things you should take care of while reviewing video is basic youtube SEO.

    there are other methods for traffic and sales which you will have to learn as well but that's not in the beginning . that included Email list building, PPC (Pay per click), Media buys (Buying ads on websites) , JV (Joint ventures) etc. Dont try to read much about them right now, you will only get confused and these things are sooo ineteresting that you will start spending more time reading new stuff rather than taking action.

    Buying a WSO or two won't hurt as well. (If you are on short budget, skip it and instead invest in few domains and a good hosting) Don't assume that all of them are crap. They are most of the times but even if they gives you 2 lines of useful information it's worth the price you pay. you should accept that no one one the earth (Even on mars ) will give you his secrete to make XXXX$ a day for 5$. what they gives you for that much is their experience how they did and that helps you build confidence which sums it up equally .

    I wont be talking on youtube SEO much, I am not expert or experienced too much in that. you can Google for it and perform the steps as needed. however the fact remain same.

    For reviews, I would end by saying - Review it , Dont sell it. let the seller do the selling. If either one is not doing his job well, change it

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    I don't think that custom domain and own website only can help you to get success. I sold 3 products on Pinterest, you need writing skill.
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    Start a blog, and give it a unique angle. Gear it towards students with limited budgets who are in your same situation. Make it a useful blog that follows your journey. Include valuable info... things you've found that work, that don't work, and things you want to try. Include info that you research and find, all things that will help others reading your blog.

    Include an opt-in form for readers to sign up and follow you. This way you can start building a list. Signing up for Aweber is worth it, if you're in it for the long haul. After you get a list going, start promoting affiliate products. Look for products (also be sure to check out JV Zoo as a place to find products to sell) that are popular, because high competition means high demand, and there' s plenty of room for everyone on the internet!

    Visit forums in the niche you're considering and see what people are talking about and considering promoting those products. Do lots of research, reading, and writing and give it a go!

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    Here are a few options (#1, #2, #3, #5 and #6 are free methods):

    METHOD #1: Clickbank and Google Alerts

    METHOD #2: Clickbank and Youtube

    METHOD #3: Clickbank and a Personal blog

    METHOD #4: Clickbank and an Email list

    METHOD #5: Clickbank and Yahoo Answers

    METHOD #6: Clickbank and Mobile apps

    Hope this will give you some ideas.
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      Since eMail list is essential, may I know how to get the increase opt-in conversion rate after visitors click the squeeze page?

      Originally Posted by Raimundas M View Post

      METHOD #4: Clickbank and an Email list

      Building an email list is essential.
      I personally think it's the most important thing in online business.
      Everything you do should evolve around building a list of followers.
      You can drive traffic with Youtube, Forum Marketing, solo ads, PPC, PPV or media buying.
      Build relationships and then send some Clickbank offers time to time.

      It's an ongoing cycle.
      The bigger your list will grow - the more money you will make.

      If you are newbie, then below URL is your ultimate place to visit.

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        Originally Posted by Nikki Leo View Post

        Since eMail list is essential, may I know how to get the increase opt-in conversion rate after visitors click the squeeze page?
        You need two things:
        1. Targeted traffic.
        2. Offer something very valuable. This can be a free repot, a video series or a free software.

        Your opt-in coversion rate will also highly depend on your headline and call to action.
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    EVERYONE FORGOT THE MOST IMPORTANT: i am sorry if you said and i missed it.......
    do your keyowrd research:
    build niche sites.....and then sell affliate products:
    now: from my own experience.....results matter a great deal (you get results when google keyword in quotes).
    google sniper and niche profit classroom are the only coaching where they teach that.
    again my opinion: if you have content with less has to rank you ....they do not have choice.....
    again my experience.....i am sure lexy and others experienced warriors have their methods.
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    You can buy solo ads which you can earn money without an own site as long as you have more swaps then you can easily gain more clicks and traffic.

    Fast and Affordable Solo Ad
    50-1000 clicks daily
    With Solo Ads Reviews

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    I really think the best way is with your own product. I am not saying affiliate market is not good, infact I do this as well, but I make much more with my own products, and list them on clickbank. 1 of these does 10k per month alone. :-) and I get affiliates automatically.

    1) You need to test and track everything.

    2) Upscale and move to PPV, other PPC networks, and larger media if you have a winner.

    3) Purchase banner ads on high traffic forums and blogs. I have 39 ads on different blogs and another 25 or so ads on forums. LOL. Yes, its a pain to track lol, but these are very high converting ads, because they are infront of high targeted traffic. You do not even have to be good ad copy, you just have to test and track it all.

    4) Make sure you are sending them to optin page and use videos, audio and email messages to build relationship, then plug what your offer is.

    5) People love gettin free reports...but here is the kicker, send them free reports with affiliate links, your own stuff, more offers and even higher priced products. When I did this my income doubled literally within a week.

    6) Don't just use PPC, we are 2012 now, and make use of social media, press releases, media, guest posting, and other areas like blog commenting on high traffic sites. You do this, and then track these and see which one is brining you home the bacon, then you cancel the ones not working and you go nuts with the tactic that worked.

    Do all this, and you will be well on your way to $300+ a day.

    Remember I have my own products. Being an affiliate is good, but you will soon find you are making someone else rich. Make your own products and find affiliates to market it for you....$100 dollars a day will seem like chicken feed when you actually have your own successful products, but for now just do what I said above you should be good to go.

    Good luck!
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    Is there a easy way to find out the total number of units a specific product has sold.
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    I'd suggest buying some solo ads and creating your own email list. It takes a bit of money to get started but it gives you a residual income as long as your subscribes stay on your list. You can also do ad swaps to exchange subscribers with other list owners without having to spend a dime. So, once you get your list big enough, it can grow without having to spend anything, while your earnings continue to increase.

    You then of course use your list to sell your clickbank products, or anything else your subscribers are interested in. Or you can start selling solo ads yourself and charging per click.
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    At present, the hottest products maybe is balance scooter, but you are a student who don't have a lot of budget, you can research on many famous retail shop to watch their promotion products, but i suggest you can make affiliate program with many retail store in early period, when you have some experience, you can try to build your own website and start to your business. Good luck!

    Enjoy life, Enjoy free!

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