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Hello Guys,

In my autoresponders,

I have my least opened (26%) and clicked (13%) email that immediately follows my most opened (87%) and clicked (133% - yes, 133%) email.

Is that common list behavior? What should I understand?

That my list got disappointed with the high opened email and thus is reluctant to open the next one? Or is it just a coincidence?

ps: on both email, the embedded link is a "read more" type of link related to the content emailed.

pps: number of subscribers is very low, thus maybe the data is just unreliable.

thank for your insight.
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    On emails... some work REALLY well... and others suck! It's just learning what your list responds to best.

    What were the two headlines of the emails?

    We have done ones that got a crazy open rate and ctr... Then other times crappy.. and got unsubscribes!

    the 133% it's strange... that means people/someone was opening the email and clicking the link more then once. (by the sound of things)

    And they wouldn't be reluctant if you are sharing great information and products with them!

    The only reason they may be annoyed.. is if you misinformed them, told them one thing in the email.. then sent them to something totally different etc...(Which I know isn't the case as there isn't a large amount of unsubs)

    Maybe inaccurate data?
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