Serving Two Different Niches With One Site

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We are real estate investors. We have a website/blog that currently has an opt-in for real estate investors.

We've gained a decent sized mailing list from this opt in.

These investors that join our mailing list are potential buyers of our real estate deals.

In our particular niche in the real estate business, however, we need to constantly be meeting buyers AND sellers.

To attract sellers as well, I was thinking about adding an opt in opportunity for potential sellers too.

My plan to accomplish this, was to make it clear that we're investors on the home page of the site (and banner), and that we buy AND sell real estate.

In the navigation menu, I was going to place two separate buttons that lead people from either target market to resource pages that serve each individual target market.

These resource pages would provide some general helpful information, along with links to my blog posts that address each niche's main pain points.

These resource pages would also contain the opt ins that are associated with each individual target market.

To keep from having to maintain two different blogs (one for each target market) I was going to continue serving each niche with blog content from one single blog.

With all of that said, here's my question:

Is it possible to properly serve two target markets from the same website?

If so, what are the precautions that should be noted in this approach?

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    Just be one thing to one type of person. The moment you try and be more things to more people your message will become less powerful.
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    I see how one could say that.

    In real estate, though, there are often instances where a buyer also owns properties that they want to sell.

    Because of this, I figured prospective buyers might also find some of the information in the other portal/section useful as well.

    I was thinking that this dynamic might make serving both niche's via the same website a little more feasible than at first thought.
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    Since both are related, you should try to serve both niches in one blog. Nobody can predict if this will work or not, so you should test this option.

    Depending on the results you’ll have, leave it this way, or create a separate blog for the second niche.

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    There are benefits and negatives to both options. If you want the best results probably best to split them into 2 sites that deliver exactly what each kind of customer is looking for.
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    You can still serve the two different types from the one website, but it would be more effective to split it.

    This is even more true of lists.

    The problem being that sending your message to your visitors or subscribers needs to be focused on their needs, otherwise you will alienate the people that you are not addressing at that point.

    There's nothing stopping you cross promoting between the two sites or the two lists, as I know that there is overlap between the two.

    Martin Platt

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