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I promote a particular ClickBank affiliate product that has 3 versions of their product on their main sales affiliate page. Recently there was a tab added on the top of that main page to a stripped down, substantially discounted version, which I built some content around.

After a month or two, the vendor decided it was confusing to the customer, so they removed the tab at the top to the discounted product, but that discounted version is still available, but only via a direct link that does not appear anywhere on the order page.

I've spoken with the affiliate manager asking if they can provide me with a link to the discounted product that also incorporates my affiliate ID so that I could get credit for the sale. They are open to doing that, but they are unfamiliar with how to accomplish that and I am unfamiliar with exactly what to tell them.

I tried,but that takes me to the credit card processing page for the discounted product and not the prior page where they gather the customer information.

I'm hoping someone can shed some light on either what I can tell the vendor I need from their side or a way to format a link on my side to accomplish what I need.

Thanks ahead of time for any assistance!
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