How a 5 min commercial can make you money

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Hey everyone,

So yesterday I was watching the voice, and if anyone else watches it they know that there is a 5 min commercial it seems like every 5 minutes for 2 hours. While I enjoy watching commercials bc sometimes they help give you ideas of popular products ... I just couldn't sit there and watch them over and over.

So here's what I did: I grabbed my comp found the weight loss pill that I saw commercial after commercial for and sure enough they had an affiliate program. Signed up with ease, and then started watching tv again til the next commercial.

Next commercial, went over to my good ol friend bing ads and started building a campaign.
1st I went to google and typed in the product name to see what some of the competition pages look like then went to semrush to check out some of the most popular keywords.

Watched the voice for another 5 minutes til the next commercial ... then pulled up Market Samurai to get some other keyword ideas.

So here I am with just about all the information I need to get a new PPC campaign up & running....I debated building a website, I was tired and really didn't feel like doing it lol so I found one of my old domain names in the health/diet niche that has an autoblog on it....Sure this will work I thought. Cleaned it up a bit with and then wrote a few articles and found some syndicate info I could use to build trust.

Watched TV for another 5, til the next commercial came ...

I got my PPC campaign all set up and wouldn't you believe I was having traffic immediately ... perhaps people saw the commercial and went to search for info about it and landed on my page. Either way I was happy it was already getting traffic.

I went to bed after the voice and woke up this morning to an extra $60 in pocket 3 sales at $20 each (spent about $25 with bing)

It just shows how taking action and finding time to do just a little bit of work can bring success. I didn't miss out on watching what I wanted to and thanks to the commercial found a great product to promote. Taking intervals of work made it seem like I wasn't really working but rather killing time until the commercial was over.

Now think if I watched tv for a normal 8 hour work day and lets say 3 hours of that was commercials. In 3 hours I most likely could get a minimum of 2 campaigns up & running. If I did this everyday for the next month that 60 campaigns that could all potentially be money makers. I know this is far fetched but stay with me 60 campaigns X $35 profit = $2100 PER DAY. Like I said I know its not easy to stay on top of 60 campaigns but its about taking time to do something and let it naturally grow.

Now I'm not a huge fan of Dancing With The Stars but hell maybe I should watch/work tonight and perhaps you should too.
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