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Hello Warriors,

I made a video which explains how to connect your
EzineArticles account together with your Twitter

@EzineArticles felt it good enough that they retweeted
this video to their followers as well. So it got me a nice
influx of new visitors to my blog.

Here's the video:

Linking your EzineArticles with your Twitter account will
help you increase exposure to your followers. It also
increases your view count. All in all... everybody wins.

I know it's helped me especially when my articles
actually get retweeted - that's when I get even more
views =)

And more views means potentially more chances of

#connect #ezinearticles #twitter
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    That link is not working for some reason.....can you re send it to me @ I think it would be very useful to tie them together.

    Anthony Busciglio

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      Originally Posted by wbnetwork View Post

      That link is not working for some reason.....can you re send it to me @ I think it would be very useful to tie them together.

      You're right!

      For some reason - it's not showing up for me as

      Here's another shot... should work this time.


      EDIT: Fixed!
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    More Twitter Tips:

    Using automatic direct messages as a way to welcome
    new followers is very common on Twitter now.

    I use to help me with my automated
    direct messages. Even though I don't like using bots
    on my Twitter account, I find that using this helps me
    seperate real people/spammers/bots.

    But before that, let me show you some WRONG

    "Hi there, thanks for following me! Here's a present
    for you: [link]"

    "Here's a free gift to thank you for folllowing me:

    "Wow, you are awesome! Here's how you can make
    money only working 2 hours a year!?! [link]"

    "Hey, let's be honest - this is an automatic message...
    so, tweet me at @[name] to chat, okay?"

    First of all, sending links to other people the very first
    time can just be very, VERY annoying. At first, this
    worked... but as more and more people started to use
    this, it basically killed it for the rest of the honest

    The 3rd example is just plainly telling your followers
    that you are using an automatic message. Here's the
    thing... even if they KNOW it's a message, they don't
    like to know that it's REALLY an automatic message.

    So how do you write a good automatic message that
    gets responses?

    Ask an open question... about them.

    Trust me on this -- I have tried lots and lots of different
    automatic messages and this one that I'm using is
    working like gangbusters.

    (Not exactly sure what gangbusters really mean but it
    sounds good... anyway...)

    It's working so well I really don't have time to respond
    to all my followers.

    It's That Good.

    Here's some really good examples which I guarantee will
    elicit some great responses.

    "Thanks for following me! So, can you tell me what
    exactly it is you do?"

    "Hi there! I notice you're following me - thanks! Hey,
    could you tweet me abit about yourself? :3"

    "Haha, well, HELLO there! I'm surprised to see you
    following me! How have you been recently?"

    If you use this, you will get responses from the people
    that start following you. The key is to structure it so
    that it looks and sounds exactly like how you would
    do in an open tweet in your public timeline.

    Here's the typical responses I've seen so far:

    "Hi, we're a company that deals with [stuff]."
    "Sure, I'm a student that's doing [stuff]. You?"
    "I've been doing [stuff]. You?"

    You will get many different types of responses and
    by doing so, you also get to interact with real people!

    If you check out my public timeline at
    Asher Aw (asheraw) on Twitter
    You will see that I have LOTS of open tweets with
    other people. Did you know that most of them are
    actually responses from my automatic messages?

    Use this - I'm sure it'll work wonders for you!

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    Great video

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    Excellent Tips. Thanks

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    I actually used and it worked pretty well. And no I dont own the website or anything. Wish I did, then I would have more followers. I just got the little package they offer to try it out but I will be doing another one since it worked. That is the only way I know how to get more twitter followers. Everything else I have tried was just kinda shady or crap. Hope it help.

    Can see my twitter page at Twitter / Suspended
    and follow me if you want "
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    That's awesome!

    Ezinearticles and twitter are 2 very potent seo tools in the right hands.

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