This can be the missing link why your success isn't as high as it should be!

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So what's this missing major step towards success that internet marketers (mainly the beginners) tend to skip out on?

It's analyzing data.

Why? Because it's a tedious task. It takes a long time and plenty of diligence and concentration to sift through all the large chunks of data that comes in from all different sources.

But data is one of the best, if not THE BEST, indicators as to what you're doing wrong or right. There's no guesswork. The proof is in the pudding, as they say.

When we first start out as beginners, we're all about constantly trying to make money as fast as we can. We run campaigns just like the "experts" tell us to and majority of the time, we end up not making much money.

We throw up our hands and say, "bah! it doesn't work!"

But if you used data throughout your campaign, you'll see that it would've worked out much better. There is still no guarantee success, but at least it'll be maximized, with your risk of losing money/time being minimized.

For example, when you first start a campaign online, you NEED data. Research the hell out of the market.

If you're starting out with the offer first, research what type of demographic, geographic, keywords, online arenas, etc that the industry requires.

If you're starting out with the industry first, then you'll need the data of very specific parts within that industry so that you can find a relevant matching offer.

I primarily prefer the latter so that I don't waste any time revolving a campaign around just an offer (unless I find something to be trending, then I will use this route).

Without the work of the above data, you won't be able to specifically gear your message towards your target market. You'll be doing guesswork.

Don't be lazy!

Now, data during your campaign is even more important.

What does the data in your Google analytics say? Where are people dropping off? Who are your main visitors and who is the most actively engaged?

During your split testing (very critical to do), are you constantly improving upon your campaign (ads, landing pages, etc)? Or are you just leaving it as-is after you first built it?

Your split test data is insanely crucial to your success!

There's A LOT more data besides the above mentioned ones, but you get the point.

Sure, it can be a drag to analyze data. But it can be the difference whether your marketing campaign fails or succeeds.

Sometimes, your campaign is just on the brink of success, if only you tweaked one minor detail that you data could have showed you.....if you took the time to look at it

I hope that very general summary above on data was useful and that it can help some of you take that first step towards actually looking at it.

Have a great day!
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