What Are the Disadvantages of Using Other People's Article On Your Blog

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Want to know if there is any disadvantage associated with using other peoples article to add to your blog, however when i do that i always add their URL so that they can get backlink. But am thinking since we might be competiting for the same product it isnt wise.
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    Hi John,

    You have to include their URL...so it is wise to do so in that sense. It isn't wise to use those articles to begin with if you do find it causes your visitors to click away from your site. In that case I would either write the articles myself or outsource it. If you're writing product based articles they generally don't take too long to write anyway.
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    It depends entirely what the purpose of your blog is for. If it's to build credibility and following in your market, then using someone else's articles will do nothing but bore people and cause them to stop visiting your site.

    If the purpose is to generate Adsense income or search engine traffic, then it's probably ok.

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    How many times are you required to post a blog in a week.
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      Originally Posted by warriorjohn1444 View Post

      How many times are you required to post a blog in a week.
      I don't believe there's any hard requirement, however posting at least 3 times a week should be sufficient to keep your blog fresh in the search engines.

      One week I was really busy and didn't post anything for 10 days, my blog went from position #5 on Google down to somewhere on the 12th page. Still working on getting it back to where it was, but I'm close.

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      Originally Posted by warriorjohn1444 View Post

      How many times are you required to post a blog in a week.
      Take the number of characters in your blog's URL, add to that the first three numbers of your IP address, subtract from that the average number of fingers an early 20th century machinist still had at the time of his retirement, divide that by the number of condiments you usually put on a hamburger and you will arrive at the amount of posts you are required to make each week before your blogging privileges will be revoked.

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    Use people's article and generate traffic for them
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  • Don't use anyone's article in its entirety unless they have given you specific rights to use it. That's just stealing.

    Grabbing their RSS feed with all its tasty backlinks is just fine, though.

    You should add at least one or two posts a week to keep your visitors and the spiders interested.
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    Ok i want to ask this BIG questions. What if i use my already approved articles for my blog.
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    i totally agree with the others, that the general effect of using others work in your blog and including their URL is that it would redirect them away from your site. and if their page has more to offer, then im sure they would forget yours.
    what about just quoting them , that way you still give them credit.
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    There's also tons of resources for plr articles that you can modify and post without anyone else's resource box. And they'll be a little fresher than using an article from a directory that may be posted on a gazillion other sites.
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    I always go with unique content. You should avoid as much as possible backlinking to other sites, except if it adds value to your site.

    Many good services will deliver you unique articles for as low as $6 each. The problem with duplicate content (articles) is that big G will only rank one copy of the article even if one submitted the same article to an armada of article directories.

    If you are using articles that were published already (maybe to a gazillon of directories...), you're shooting yourself in the foot.

    Good luck.
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    Am glad for your contributions. To our success all.
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      I use other peoples articles on my blogs along with my own content with no ill effect. I make sure that I choose good quality information that compliments my own offerings and that the links open in a new window and don't compete with my own. There are regular pingbacks and my Twitter following is growing. Just the other day one of the authors left a message thanking me for using his article and said that he would bookmark the blog to 20 different sites, a nice gesture.

      I have several blogs and don't have the time to write regular posts on all of them, but by using other peoples articles I can add them daily and keep them high in the rankings for the key words and keep the traffic increasing.

      Those advantages outweigh any disadvantages for me.
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    I usually use a short version of an article for my blog, then submit the entire article. So far I have not had any ill effects and it does speed up the process for me.

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    I do this on blogs when I have other ways on the same 'page' that allows me to make money. I also am careful not to have their content appear in such a way visually that the visitor would only notice their content and links. They notice my content at least equally.

    Also I prefer to use articles for sites that have affiliate program so if their product sells I still get some money. This takes a little research but I haven't had anyone turn me down yet.

    Generally, as long as I have more of my own content on my blog then other people's content I haven't had a problem.
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